Captain Shazam
Full Name: Billy Batson
Other Identities: Shazam, Captain Thunder
Planet Of Origin: Earth
Species: Human
Alignment: Hero
Group: Justice League
Rank: Active Member
Age: 17 as at 1998
Source Of Powers: Power borrowed from gods and legendary beings.
Weaknesses: The greatest weakness of Captain Shazam is Billy Batson. Despite the gifts he has been given, Billy's youth and inexperience causes him to act in ways that negate some of his gifts. Perhaps his greatest weakness though is his own name, as speaking it even when not seeking to shift between Captain Shazam and Billy Batson, activates the spell. Billy briefly tried to counter this weakness by using a name that did not require him to say the magic word. Surprisingly it never occurred to Billy to simply change the word to something he wouldn’t accidentally say.
Billy’s emotional state can also have an impact upon his powers. His uncertainty about his family life means that his ability to loan is powers is often unreliable.

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