Pink Zeo Ranger – Katherine Hilliard
Full Name: Katherine Elizabeth Hilliard (Kat)
Other Identity:
Planet of Origin: Earth
Species: Human
Alignment: Good
Group: Power Rangers
Rank: Pink Zeo Ranger
Age: October 24, 1979
Place of Birth: Sydney Australia
Race: Australian
Love Interest: David Trueheart
Family: Father – Jack Hilliard (Salesman), Mother – Michelle Hilliard (Housewife), Brother – Steve [21]
Height: 5 foot 7
Weight: 124 lbs

Kat moved to Angel Grove from Australia after her father received a grant to set up business there. This was part of a plot by Rita that led to Kat being placed under a spell and forced to act as Rita’s secret agent. Luckily Kat managed to break the spell and went on to become a Power Ranger. Although she refuses to acknowledge them, Kat still possesses some of the abilities that Rita gave her.


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