Red Zeo Ranger – Tommy Oliver
Full Name: Thomas Tyler Oliver
Other Identity:
Planet of Origin: Earth
Species: Human
Alignment: Good
Group: Power Rangers
Rank: Red Zeo Ranger
Age: February 6, 1979
Place of Birth: Los Angeles
Race: Native American, Irish, Dutch, Spanish
Love Interest: Kimberly, Kat, Lillian
Family: Real Father: ?, Real Mother: ?, Father: Daniel (English Teacher), Mother: Sarah, Sister: Chelsea (14), Bother: Teddy (10), Twin: David Trueheart, Clone: Samoht Revilo, Cousin: Claire
Height: 6 foot 0
Weight: 170 libs

Seperated from his real mother soon after birth was adopted by the Olivers after a very strange course of events landed them in the adoption clinic, Moved to Angel Grove after visiting for a Karate match. His family liked the city and they moved in shortly afterwards. Left his best friend Robert behind, Selected by Rita to become her Evil Green Ranger.

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