Wonder Woman
Full Name: Princess Diana of Themyscira
Other Identities: Diana Prince
Planet Of Origin: Earth
Species: Human/God Halfbreed
Citizenship: godamazon
Alignment: Hero
Group: Justice League
Rank: Founding Member
Status: Active
Age: 800 as at 1998
Place Of Birth: Themyscira
Family: Mother: Queen Hippolyta, Father: Zeus, king of the Olympian Gods, Half-Brother: Ares God of War
Source Of Powers: Godly heritage
History: Diana was born over 5000 years ago on the island of Themyscira, although she appears to be a woman of around 23 years of age. Due to her nature and the way that time works on Themyscira, Wonder Woman does not age at the same rate as humans.
After some difficulty convincing her mother that it wasnecessary, Diana was raised and trained as an Amazon Warrior. Her training was the best and the harshest training the Amazons could provide, making her their best warrior and readying her for her future path.
In 1918 an incident on Themyscira caused her to leave to help mankind in their wars. In doing so she stole the sword God Killer, an Amazon shield fabled to provide special protection, the Lasso of Hestia and a special set of battle armour. Before she escaped the island with her comapnion Steve Trevor, her mother gifted her the tiara worn by the Amazon that had previously trained her. Although her mission was a success, it was at a heavy cost and following the end of World War I, Diana returned to Themyscira, believing that mankind was not yet ready to deal with her people. Over time Diana would return to the human world to help when she felt she was needed. She joined the war efforts during the Second World War and showed up again in the late sixties to battle an unworldly threat that led to the formation of the Justice League.
In 1984 with her mother’s blessing, Diana re-entered the World of Man as an observer and later ambassador. It was during that time that she along ith the then secret members of the Justice League made their presence known to the world while fighting another otherworldly threat.
Abilities: Non-human physiology. Diana is the offspring of an Amazon Queen and an Olympian God. As such she has inherited physical abilities such as Superhuman strength: she can lift and throw a tank the length of a battlefield
Speed: While not as fast as a user of the Speed Force or Superman at his best, Wonder Woman can move at incredible speeds.
Durability: Wonder Woman is resistant to most weapons.
Agility: Wonder Woman has been trained to use acrobatics in combat.
Healing: Diana can heal from most non-lethal wounds at an accelerated rate.
Stamina: Her hybrid physique is more efficient that that of most humans and even other Amazons
Reflexes: Honed by centuries of training, Diana’s reflexes are sharp enough to pluck a bullet from the air.
Enhanced Senses: Wonder Woman’s hearing and eye sight are superior to most humans and Amazons.
Godly Energy Manipulation: As a gift from her father, Diana is able to channel the magical energy of the Olympian Gods through her bracelets.
Electricity Manipulation: Diana can manipulate lightning for a limited extent.
Levitation: Diana’s armour allows her to temporarily defy the laws of gravity. HOwever while levitating she does not have the ability to propel herself in a way that would allow flight. She can combine this ability with her speed and strength to launch herself while at speed and then slow her descent while moving forward.
Weaknesses: Extended periods of time on Themyscira can cause a regression in her behaviour and knowledge. This is especially true when it comes to her aggression and thirst for battle

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