Swords Of Darkness

Arsenal – Swords Of Darkness

And the true demon did rise, a massive brute with many arms.
And within the clawed hand at the end of each arm, it held a sword or purified evil.
And the battle continued and many died before the beast was felled.
But in a final act of defiance, it threw its swords into space, carrying its evil for all time.
And those swords would become known as the Swords of Darkness.

The original Sword of Darkness was a powerful weapon said to be capable of channeling the Dark Side of the Morphin Grid. Originally just a single weapon – albeit a very large weapon – like the Sword of Light and the Sword of Power, at some point the Sword of Darkness was broken into a set of smaller blades. Each sword is incredibly powerful, capable of augmenting the abilities of its user. In combat a sword could discharge waves of destructive energy at opponents and carve fissures in the ground.

Some blades were also capable of being used in rituals to enhance evil spells, such as when Rita Repulsa used a Sword of Darkness to strengthen her control over her Green Ranger. However the more powerful an individual Sword of Darkness is in combat, the weaker its connection to the Morphin Grid becomes during rituals.

A Sword of Darkness is not indestructible, however since there are multiple swords, destruction of one blade enhances the powers of the remaining swords. Should only one Sword of Darkness remain it is likely to hold complete power over the Dark Side of the Morphin Grid. Minion was supposed to wield such a blade, but when reality was restored, the Swords of Darkness were restored to their previous state.

  • A Sword of Darkness can instill a terrible rage in those that use it in battle. Over time the effects increase leading to permanent madness.
  • A Sword of Darkness is not indestructible, and is especially vulnerable if not in the hands of an evil warrior. The stronger a blade's connection to the Morphin Grid, the more vulnerable that blade is to physical attack.
  • A Sword of Darkness is capable of slaying warriors of great strength and experience with ease.
  • At least one of the many Swords of Darkness was cast instead of forged. This blade is purely intended for rituals and is the most magically powerful of the Swords of Darkness.
  • Some evil warriors have sought to collect and merge the Swords of Darkness together.
  • Some weapon smiths, loyal to the dark powers, have experimented with using Swords of Darkness to create other weapons such as bows and axes.

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Sword Of Power

Arsenal – Sword Of Power

The Universe needs balance. Where there is light and darkness, there must be shadow to bring that balance.

The Sword of Power is the equal of the Swords of Darkness and the Sword of Light. Capable of channeling those parts of the Morphin Grid that are neither light nor dark, its powers may be sought by those it deems worthy. The Sword of Power may be used by those aligned with darkness and light, but only for a short time. To truly master the Sword of Power, the user must be completely neutral and driven by their own beliefs. It is also known as the Sword of Shadow due to its ability to draw energy from the Shadow Grid.

Among its many abilities the Sword of Power can create illusions, project bubbles of energy and negate the abilities of the other swords. It may also be used in ceremonies that draw power from the Shadow Grid.

  • There is only one Sword of Power, compared to the numerous Swords of Drakness.
  • At some point the Sword of Power came into the possession of the Rangers of Earth.
  • Summoning the Sword of Power requires an enormous amount of willpower, making it extremely difficult (but not impossible) for one person to summon it on their own. A group of people united in purpose can easily summon it, however the more people involved in the summoning, the more chance there is of disagreement and the ritual failing.
  • Once summoned the Sword of Power can be used by a single combatant, so long as they are focussed upon their goal. However, the Sword of Power's allegiance is fickle and at any time it could return to the Grid.

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Sword Of Light

Arsenal – Sword Of Light

And the warrior stood before the mighty beast and drew his sword.
Though he had but one weapon, it was a match for everything his opponent could throw at him.
And as the other warriors tired the beast, the warrior used his sword to finally slay it.

The Sword of Light is an ancient weapon that has the ability to channel and control the Light Side of the Morphin Grid. It is a powerful blade capable of enhancing the strength of those that use it. It can also facilitate the transference of power from one avatar to another. However it's greatest attribute is to enhance protections and other rituals that rely of the Light Side of the Morphin Grid.

  • There is only one Sword of Light compared to the many Swords of Darkness. While it is singular it is just as powerful as any number of Swords of Darkness.
  • The Sword of Light was hidden on a lost planet for many centuries before the Rangers sought it to transfer their powers.
  • The Sword of Light has the potential to create new transformation devices.
  • The Sword of Light can negate many of the powers and effects of the Swords of Darkness including the madness of prolonged exposure.

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Soul Stealer

Arsenal – Soul Stealer

A small sword often mistaken for a dagger, capable of piercing the strongest armour and stealing the power of its victim. Initially a damaged blade capable only of stabbing, with each victim the weapon absorbs a little of their power, allowing it to become stronger – for the sword can be easily broken until it has consumed a certain level of energy. If the blade is broken, the power it has stolen is released, but not returned and the weapon reverts to its original state. It is not known if the sword can be destroyed completely.

While the blade can absorb the soul of anyone it stabs, it is best used against other villains as it is easier for the blade to transform the darkness it steals into a useable form.

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The Elemental Blades

Arsenal – The Elemental Blades

Six blades forged on the planet Danata by a powerful wizard. The blades each represented one of the elemental forces: fire, water, earth, air, heart and lightning. Although forged to resemble swords, the blades could be reshaped to fit the requirements of their chosen user; although they were not sentient the blades were enchanted to only serve those their creator would deem worthy. Over the centuries, many of those abilities were forgotten.

During the invasion of Danata that led to the emergence of Lord Zedd, the blades were feared destroyed. However the lightning blade was reforged into the Sword of Lightning. Lord Zedd later created a duplicate of the Sword of Fire to torment his Zarakin host, but made the mistake of having it forged using the remnants of the old blade. As such Lord Zedd was unable to call on the elemental powers when using the sword, but once freed of Zedd's control, Larry Zedd could access all of its abilities.

  • The Elemental Blade of Lightning was reforged into the Sword of Lightning and is currently held by Jamie Zedden.
  • The Elemental Blade of Fire was shattered by Lord Zedd, but later became the raw material for the Sword of Fire.
  • The wizard that forged the Elemental Blades created other weapons, some of which might share the properties of the Elemental Swords. Most also have enchantments to ensure that they may only be used by those deemed worthy of their power.

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Rescue Riser

Rescue Riser

Rescue Riser was the creation of Miss Fairweather and her team. While smaller than a Zord, the Rescue Vehicle had been designed for the long ranged tackling of fires within Mariner Bay. Rescue Riser could tap into local water mains and shoot water over two miles after cooling it within its specially fitted tank. Like many of the Rescue Vehicles, it is intended to act as an add-on of later Zord sized machines.
Rescue Riser is one of several machines that were sold to agencies around the world to provide for their emergency needs. In Mariner Bay it is mainly operated by the Blue Lightspeed Ranger.

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