The Soul Gem

The Soul Gem

Originally found in the possession of the Queen of the Crown Galaxy, the Soul Gem is the largest cut, polished and finished gem extracted from the Soul Stone. After it had been perfected, the gem was set into a ring made from conductive alloys.


Soul Absorption. The Soul Gem can consume the souls of living beings within the range of its powers, with the possible exception of its owner. When absorbed the gem contains the life energy of its victim and can release that energy as an offensive weapon or surrender it to another. The personalities of those absorbed by the gem are retained and their knowledge can be accessed.

Soul Release. The gem is capable of returning any souls it absorbs to their original bodies, providing the body is still alive. It may also if the correct conditions are met release a soul into an alternative body. If there is no suitable body the soul that has been released will suffer a natural death.

Soul Destruction. The Soul Gem can be used to completely destroy a soul. If already removed from the body, the soul will be sent to oblivion. If contained in a living host the soul will first be ripped from the body and then destroyed. This power can be blocked by sufficient armour or the use of magic. If partially effective this power can weaken a foe. Multiple attempts can kill.

Soul Interrogation. The knowledge and opinions of all those absorbed by the gem are available to its owner. While inside the gem a soul is compelled to answer truthfully. This does not mean that the ring cannot be tricked.

Forced Truth. The gem can capture a soul long enough to compel a person to answer questions truthfully. This does not mean the answers it receives are guaranteed correct or that the gem cannot be deceived.

Soul Manipulation. The gem can corrupt, manipulate or dampen the soul of its target. This can be used to change their emotional state and in some cases mental state.

Soul Influence. The gem can make somebody more agreeable to its owners suggestions.

Soul Enslavement. A difficult ability to master, when performed correctly the gem captures a target's soul and releases just enough for the victim to control their body. In this way the soul is trapped within the gem and under the influence of the user who can use manipulation to secure cooperation.

Language. The gem can translate all known languages.

Soul Blast. The gem can unleash a torrent of energy that depending on the person it strikes, cause injury or death.

Soul Detection. The gem can detect life forms in the nearby area and if it has 'tasted' similar before identify the race and even the identity of those life forms.

Totem Link. The gem can create a spiritual link between a mortal and a non-mortal force eg demons, angels, avatars of the Morphin Grid or Ninjetti. Such links can be temporary or permanent. While such links can be forced they are stronger if the mortal is willing.

Sever Link. The gem can temporary or permanently break the link between a mortal and non-mortal. However this ability depends upon the strength of the gem's user. It is more successful if at least one party willing to break the bond. If both refuse there is a high chance that such a break will be short-lived. Breaking the link to the Morphin Grid or Ninjetti is exceptionally difficult and very short-lived.

Soul Shield. Since the Soul Gem needs an owner to feed it, it is capable of generating a powerful shield to protect its user. However it is not impervious and depending on the weapon can be easily overcome. The shield can be extended to include others or can be directed to protect a group or individual. The shield can only protect one target at a time.

Wraiths. The Soul Gem can project dark creatures to capture opponents and feed on their energy.

Reapers. Enhanced Wraiths

Summoning. The Soul Gem can be used to summon a variety of creatures under the control of its user. The creatures summoned are determined by the method used.

Interaction With Other Gems

Providing a suitable conductor is used, it is possible for the Soul Gem to interact with other fragments of the Soul Stone. Depending on the cut, polish, finish and setting of the other gem, the Soul Gem's powers can be extended and magnified over a greater range. Attempting to use the Soul Gem with a poorly cut fragment would weaken its abilities. In some cases other fragments from the Soul Stone could protect being from one or more of the Soul Gem's powers.

In addition the Soul Gem could be used in combination with one or more of the Infinity Gems. Such combinations would allow the user to overcome the limitations and dangers of the individual gems but risks exposure to the dangers of the combined gems. To use more than two gems at a time an interface is needed to regulate the energies, such as the metal used within the rings on which the gems are set.

It is not possible for one person to use all the Infinity Gems at the same time unless they have created the necessary means of focussing and directing such energies.

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