The Royal House Of Gadgetry

A part of the Machine Empire.

Royal House of Gadgetry

The most powerful faction within the Machine Empire. The Royal House of Gadgetry speaks for the Machine Empire even if other factions do not agree. Led by King Mondo, the Royal House of Gadgetry has expanded the Machine Empire's dominion across the universe and have plans to expand even further once they have secured the resources they need within the Sol System. It was the decision of the Royal House of Gadgetry that removed the Machine Empire from the Alliance of Evil. However when Dark Specter declared that he would consider any of the factions that agreed to join his reformed UAE, the Royal House of Gadgetry was forced to renew ties in order to preserve their power.

This is not the first time the Machine Empire has tried to conquer the planet Earth. Long ago Mondo himself tried to claim the planet but was driven off. He left the Sword of Damocles on the planet as a promise that one day he would return.

King Mondo

King Mondo is the current leader of the Royal House of Gadgetry and de-facto leader of the Machine Empire a role he stole from his father. When the former king was being repaired, Mondo managed to seize control of the empire. When his father awoke, Mondo was clearly in command and the old king willingly gave way.

Mondo is a powerful warrior having spent centuries as leader of his father's robotic forces. Despite assuming the throne he is still a capable fighter although a technical glitch means that any attempt to use the Sword of Damocles normally leads to his defeat. Sadly such accident also destroy sections of his memory so he never believes that the sword is to blame for his defeat and is doomed to make the same mistake again.

Mondo is a capable tactician and has mounted a campaign that has spread the Machine Empire across a wide area of space. Whenever he has conquered a planet he allows his forces to clean up any resistance while he moves on to the next target. However his rapid expansion was halted by the need to secure a supply point in the Sol System.

Queen Machina

Just as evil and twisted as her husband, Machina is a mechanised snob. Although loathe to throw herself into battle, Machina is extremely capable at fighting, especially when armed with her fan.

Prince Sprocket

Sprocket is the pride and joy of King Mondo and Queen Machina. His programming combines the strengths of both his parents, however he is limited by his parent's desire to raise him. Should Mondo and Machina ever deactivate his childhood protocols, Sprocket shows signs of being just as underhanded and cunning as his parents. Sprocket is the recognised Heir of the Royal House of Gadgetry despite being the younger son.

Prince Gasket

First built son of the Royal House of Gadgetry, Gasket was destined to become leader following his father's deactivation. However when Gasket married Archerina, the daughter of his father's hated rival, Gasket was banished from the royal court and forced to start his own kingdom.

When his father suffered an accident on Earth, Gasket arrived to assume control. Unfortunately due to the actions of his brothers, Gasket was unable to secure his place as King before his father returned.

Princess Archerina


Daughter of the hated Aradon, Archerina is a cunning foe. Her arrows contain a computer virus that emulates human emotions in machines. For the most part she limits her choice of arrow to love or lust, but has been known to use rage to inspire her husband's forces. Hormonal addictives applied to the arrows allow them to work on organic species although the effect is less predictable.

Even without her arrows she is dangerous. Archerina can use her bow as a sword and is programmed in most forms of combat.

Deviot – Royal Chamberlain

Pompous, ambitious and treacherous, Devioy is exactly what Mondo seeks in a royal chamberlain. For Mondo knows that while Deviot may scheme and plot, his ultimate loyalty is to the Royal House of Gadgetry. That Deviot has been programmed to believe that the best thing for the Royal House of Gadgetry is for Mondo to remain as king ensures his loyalty.

Klank and Orbus

Loyal footmen to the throne, Klank and Orbus were once completely separate. However when Mondo attacked the Earth he decided that change was needed. Klank and Orbus modified to work together to make Mondo's monsters grow.

Despite their usefulness, Klank and Orbus are often mistreated by their superiors. However as they are programmed to be loyal they accept their abuse without complaint.

General Venjix

General Tezzla

General Gerrok

General Steelon

General Automon

Professor Cog


Usually found on the Machine Homeworld, Professor Cog is responsible for overseeing some of Mondo's more important but time consuming projects, such as the construction of Mondo's Dreadnaughts and the conversion of the Machine Homeworld into a mobile battle station. Suffice to say there are many doubts about whether he will ever complete some of his assignments.

Professor Cog was briefly summoned to Earth to help track down Grommet when it became clear that Mondo's illegitimate son had gone rogue.


One of Mondo's engineers, responsible for the forging of the bodies that the Royal House of Gadgetry inhabit. Were it not for Morticon it would be impossible for Mondo and his family to return from some of their misadventures.


Loyal robotic grunts of the Royal House of Gadgetry, the Cogs march into battle at their master's command. What they lack in initiative and creative thought, they make up for in shear numbers, near fanatical devotion to their assigned tasks and a few small surprises such as the charged laser prisms hidden beneath their faces.

Gigabyte Troopers

The Gigabyte Troopers were designed by Gasket to act as a loyal army should he seize control of the Royal House of Gadgetry. The return of Mondo before he could secure control forced him to surrender the completed batch to his father. Mondo subsequently assigned them to protecting key installations, after they had been reprogrammed to obey the king and not just Gasket.

There are some among the Royal Court that believe that Gasket designed his Gigabyte Troopers to closely resemble Prince Grommet's original form. It is well known within the corridors of the Machine Palace that as a lowly unofficial production model, Grommet was given the body of a lowly soldier, albeit a body that had been forged by Morticon at Mondo's command.

At some point in the future, the design of the Gigabyte Troopers was used as the prototype for Cyclobots to act as prison guards.


Crown Enforcement Droids

A special rapidly deployed force of soldiers designed to quell rebellion within the Machine Empire. These soldiers deal with subjugated races and challengers to the Royal House of Gadgetry's authority. These force are usually assigned to Deviot, Professor Cog and Morticon and act as security while reporting back to Mondo any suspicious activity.

Grommet briefly considered using this design for his own royal guards.


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Zeo Ranger Yellow – Tanya Sloan

Yellow Zeo Ranger – Tanya Sloan
Full Name: Tanya Janet Sloan
Other Identity:
Planet of Origin: Earth
Species: Human
Alignment: Good
Group: Power Rangers
Rank: Yellow Zeo Ranger
Age: November 4, 1978
Place of Birth: Richmond, VA
Race: African American, Indian
Love Interest: Adam Park
Family: Father – Bryan Sloan (Archeologist), Mother – Barbara Sloan (Anthropologist), Aunt – Ashalla
Height: 5 foot 6
Weight: 123 lbs

Moved to Angel Grove after the Zeo Quest. Her parents were believed to be dead. Works for a radio station in Angel Grove

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Full Name: Clark Kent
Other Identities: Kal El
Planet Of Origin: Krypton
Species: Kryptonian
Alignment: Hero
Group: Justice League
Rank: Founding Member
Status: Semi-Retired
Age: 65 as at 1998
Place Of Birth: Krypton
Romantic Interest: Lois Lane
Family: Adopted Father – Jonathan Kent, Adopted Mother – Martha Kent
Source Of Powers: Alien Physiology
History: The original and despite press attempts to shift the name to alternative heroes, the only Superman. Kal El was sent to Earth as an infant following the destruction of his homeworld Krypton. After being found and adopted by the Kents, he was raised as their son Clark. As he aged Clark discovered that he had powers and abilities that other did not. Eventually he took on the identity of Superman to help the people of Earth. However the environment of Earth proved detrimental to his abilities and Kal El was forced into semi-retirement, only emerging to help Metropolis in desperate situations. Kal El is a founder member of the Justice League alongside Wonder Woman and remains a member of its High Councl. Although he is listed as active he is rarely called upon to help them.
Weaknesses: Despite his many powers, Kal-El is not without his weaknesses. Exposure to the remains of his home planet can cause weakness and potentially death. In addition Kal-El is extremely vulnerable to magic, so much so that his powers are drastically reduced when exposed to magical energy. This is one of the reason why he has been semi-retired.s

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Alignment: Hero
Group: Titans
Rank: Member
Status: Active
Age: 16 as at 1998
Source Of Powers: Alien Physiology

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Full Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
Planet Of Origin: Earth
Species: Human
Alignment: Hero
Group: None
Status: Active
Age: 21 as at 1998
Romantic Interest: Mary Jane Watson
Family: Aunt May
Source Of Powers: Bitten by a spider injected with demon blood

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Special Alternate Teams S.p.d.

Special Alternate Teams – S.P.D.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers, they belong to the respective copyright owners. This is not SPD from the television and these are not the characters portrayed in the show as demonstrated by some of their surnames having changed.

Special / Alternate Teams – S.P.D.

Team name:

SPD - Sirian Planetary Defenders


In a timeline where the villainous Weirdan ruled the Earth in the name of Daizayten.

While the rest of the galaxy was struggling to contain the threat posed by Daizayten, the people of the planet Sirius had been honour bound to aid the planet Earth, which had given them hope as the tales of that world's struggle against Weirdan reached them. Under the leadership of Commander Anubis Cruger, SPD was established on Earth with the goal of ending Weirdan's tyranny and Daizayten's hold on Earth.

A-Squad was the first team to have permanent powers within the SPD army. Created using an old Ranger template, their armour was updated by the addition of solid sections of body armour. Before their selection to be Ranger, A-Squad was a special commando unit responsible for taking down some of Weirdan's watch towers and breaking the drones' coordination system.

Raymond, Red A-Squad Ranger
Raymond was originally from Angel Grove before the arrival of Daizayten. He had been captured during the early days of the invasion, but had been broken free by Justin and Adam during their rampage against the Empire. After finding his way to the Resistance, Raymond worked on sabotaging enemy lines of communication. It was his leadership during the assault on a watch tower that had pinned down SPD forces though that brought him to the attention of SPD leadership.
Raymond is an explosives expert, a gift that makes his useful in demolition operations and in situations where a grenade could save the team hours of fighting.

Taylor, Yellow A-Squad Ranger
Raised on a farm in the Oklahoma, Taylor's family was spared the horror of the first few weeks of warfare. It was after, when Weirdan's forces were securing their hold on the planet, that the farm was destroyed along with its occupants. Taylor had been in the cellar at the time and was still there when a small group of escaping refugees happened across the property. After joining the Resistance, Taylor was placed under Raymond's command. It was her courage under fire that led to her promotion to Power Ranger.
Years on the farm helped give Taylor a great deal of strength. She is a skilled combatant and best utilised when asked to protect another member of the team.

Regis, Green A-Squad Ranger
Regis was not on Earth when Daizayten was first summoned. He arrived later as part of the alien force seeking to aid the Resistance. Initially posted as an advisor he was forced to take a more active role when his predecessor was killed in action. By taking up the mantle of Green Ranger, Regis proved to be the experienced marksman that the team needed.
Normally the first in or the last man out, Regis's role often keeps him from playing the well oiled machine role in his team. His objective is always to ensure that nobody is left behind, even if that requires him to disobey a direct order.

Vicanta, Blue A-Squad Ranger
A genius when it comes to building new machines, this young man is even better at finding ways to destroy them. Born in the Little China area of Angel Grove, Vicanta was injured in the blast that robbed him of his family. The Resistance helped him recover from his injuries, but it was fighting back against the monster that had ended his world, that helped his mental scars. Although his recruitment to the A-Squad was only supposed to last for one mission, his improvisation was so impressive that Raymond asked for him to be permanently assigned to his command.

Mandi, Pink A-Squad Ranger
One of the few successful attempts to reverse the process that turned humans into Daizayten's horde, Mandi was treated with suspicion and hostility when she entered the Resistance. Even her own team objected to her placement on A-Squad, questioning her loyalty even though she saved their lives during her first mission. Only the complete faith of Commander Cruger and his staff have ensured her continued service as a Power Ranger.

While A-Squad served an important role during the early days of SPD's drive to break Daizayten's hold on the planet, breaking down the Empire's infrastructure, B-Squad had the equally important task of protecting civilians mounting raids on Weirdan's resources. The first team to be made using new technology, the B-Squad resemble the Rangers of old.

Fred Kellman, Red B-Squad Ranger
A resident of Angel Grove and friend of the Power Rangers, Fred saw many of his friends die. He joined the Resistance and helped to fight back against Weirdan and his master Daizayten. When the opportunity came he volunteered to be a part of the B-Squad, believing that his duty was to protect those that wanted to fight back but were too weak to do so.

Tasha Young, Yellow B-Squad Ranger
B-Squad's resident hacker in the days before Daizayten came to Earth she was happy to hack into bank computers. When she joined the Resistance she used her skills to forge identity documents. When offered the chance to make a difference as a Ranger, she agreed.

Matt Corbett, Blue B-Squad Ranger
Some say that Matt is a little odd, perhaps outright strange. Those people have no idea that the oddness is just an act to cover the fact that Matt is without a shadow of a doubt insane. In the months between the mysterious Nate Oliver's defeat of Weirdan and the formation of B-Squad, Matt was captured by enemy forces and tortured to the point of madness. Matt survived, killing the guards and destroying his former prison. Seeing that the thought of hurting the enemy gave Matt enough focus to appear lucid, Commander Cruger gave him the position of Blue Ranger.
Despite his mental state Matt is a technical genius, creating devices that rival those of Kat Manx. It is said that the line between genius and madness is very thin. Most of those that know him believe that Matt is constantly crossing that line.

Franklin Park, Green B-Squad Ranger
Brother of the former Green Ranger although he had no idea of that until months after becoming a Ranger himself. Franklin was trained to fight by his father, a tough policeman who loved his kids. He is a keen strategist and helps to curb the more hotheaded members of his team.

Anna Diamond, Pink B-Squad Ranger
Anna is a survivor and has done everything in the name of survival. Even the missions she took for the Resistance were motivated by her desire to stay alive. So when offered a morpher that would protected her where body armour would not, she accepted. Despite her outlook on life and tendency to only show enthusiasm where she stands to gain, there can be no question of her courage or loyalty; she believes Doggie Cruger will keep her alive and is not willing to betray him and risk losing that protection.

C-Squad are the heavy hitters, taking out targets inside the Cult of Amuk. Heavily armed this team has been training for the day when they get to nail the demon lord himself. Due to the large amount of energy needed to sustain their specialised armour, C-Squad is prevented from undertaking day-to-day duties. That C-Squad's members are mostly mutant hybrids born from liaisons between the Ransik's forces and modern day humans, makes them valuable players in the war.

Jack Manners Red C-Squad Ranger
Not everybody left homeless during Weirdan's rule had the opportunity to get to the Resistance. Jack was only a child at the time of the first attacks and was captured after his family were killed. Too young to be of use to Daizayten's minion, but not considered a threat, Jack was kept in a concentration camp where he later met Z. The two children bonded, classing themselves as family and surviving the harsh regime.
When he was thirteen Jack's powers awakened, allowing him to escape along with Z. The two were looking for a place to lay low, but instead stumbled upon an SPD site. Instead of sending them away, Commander Cruger trained them to be a part of his C-Squad, recognising their gifts as an asset.
Jack has the ability to phase through solid matter. However his gift is only usable when he is unmorphed.

Z Manners, Yellow C-Squad Ranger
Not everybody left homeless during Weirdan's rule had the opportunity to get to the Resistance. Jack was only a child at the time of the first attacks and was captured after his family were killed. Too young to be of use to Daizayten's minion, but not considered a threat, Jack was kept in a concentration camp where he later met Z. The two children bonded, classing themselves as family and surviving the harsh regime.
After Jack helped her to escape, the pair were pursued across the country. Outnumbered and desperate, Z's abilities kicked in, allowing the pair to escape. The two were looking for a place to lay low, but instead stumbled upon an SPD site. Instead of sending them away, Commander Cruger trained them to be a part of his C-Squad, recognising their gifts as an asset.
Z has an ability to create multiple copies of herself.

Bridge Russell, Green C-Squad Ranger
Every team needs a hacker and for SPD, Bridge provides that role. Injured during the destruction of Washington, Bridge was thought to be fatally wounded. This was proven wrong when his wounds healed. After his release he joined the newly formed SPD army and was eventually selected to serve as a Ranger.
Bridge has a unique healing factor that will allow him to recover from most wounds. He is not however invulnerable and if dealt an immediately fatal blow, will not survive.

Sky Blake, Blue C-Squad Ranger
Sky's father was one of the first new Rangers recruited by SPD. During a failed attack on a convoy Sky's father stayed to protect those without powers. He was lost when his morpher ran out of energy. His execution still haunts the Blue Ranger.
Angered that his father had been allowed to die, Sky forced his way into SPD Command with the intention of confronting the alien he blamed for the fiasco. Instead he listened as Commander Cruger explained his father's heroic actions and in memory of the man he had lost, he agreed to serve as a Ranger.
Sky possesses the ability to create forcefields, both defensive and offensive.

Sydney Cole, Pink C-Squad Ranger
Rich, powerful, beautiful and influential; Syd had everything a child could want until the day Daizayten arrived. On that day her world of comfort ended and she was forced to live in the sewers, hiding from the invading army. It was while running from a Drone patrol that she discovered her gift. By the time SPD's B-Squad arrived she had already destroyed her attackers. She was taken to SPD Command against her will and offered the role of Pink Ranger.
Were it possible to win the war with a bad attitude alone, Sydney would be the ultimate weapon. Since it's not possible, she is just a thorn in the side of Commander Cruger. However her ability to absorb the properties of a material make her invaluable on missions, providing she's not too busy worrying about her nails.

When he came to Earth Commander Cruger was determined to aid the human fight to regain their planet, but not to fight the battle for them. To this end he created D-Squad, formed from those Rangers he brought with him. They are the spearhead for the fight against Weirdan and through him, Daizayten, but it is the A, B and C Squads that the enemy fears.

Commander Doggie Cruger, Anubis Ranger
When the Galactic Council fell, so did it's police force. Commander Cruger returned to his home world of Sirius and joined the fight against the occupying army on Earth. When word reached him that Weirdan had been bested, Cruger travelled to Earth to help in the fight to regain the planet. On Earth he was given a morpher and joined the ranks of the Power Rangers as their leader.
Cruger is a skilled combatant even without his powers. With them he has the means to bring down all but the most powerful opponent. Against those he knows the one thing all Rangers need: teammates.

SOPHIE, Nova Ranger
SOPHIE is an artificial human built on a distant world and originally intended to serve as Commander Cruger's body guard. When it was proven that she could use a morpher and that doing so would require less energy than a human wielder, she was made SPD's Nova Ranger.

Lance Hill, Omega Ranger
Lance was a thief who stole his powers from Daizayten himself. Having found the morpher he tried to use it, not understanding the unexpected side effect; the Omega Morpher requires a large amount of energy to function, a problem resolved by absorbing the near nuclear explosion of transforming the wielder from matter to energy. As a result Lance is trapped as a ball of light when unmorphed. Lance joined SPD's cause on the grounds that once Daizayten was defeated they would find a way to reverse the process. Of course that means that first he must help defeat Weirdan.
Lance's powers combined with his physical state allow him greater control over his Ranger form than the other Rangers. He can not only channel more energy, but can determine where that power is directed, be it to physical strength or speed and agility. His existence as a ball of energy makes him an ideal scout.

Boom, Gold Ranger
An assistant to Kat Manx, Boom saved the lives of his Resistance Cell in the days following Weirdan's defeat. After exhibiting the technical skills needed to assure victory he was deemed too valuable not to be given the means to defend himself.
Boom uses a standard one way morpher that he has modified to express his independence. This has made him both the most versatile and most unreliable Ranger in D-Squad.

Kat Manx, Cat Ranger
Kat Manx was on Earth before Weirdan suffered defeat, serving as a scientific adviser for the Resistance. Before that she had witnessed the evil of Weirdan's master first hand when Daizayten attacked her world. Unofficially she was also sending updates to Commander Cruger, allowing him to choose the time to lend his assistance to the people of Earth.
Cat Ranger uses a standard one hour morpher developed for the Resistance. She has overtime modified the template inside the morpher so that it works better with her anatomy.**THIS IS THE END OF THE FILE**

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Teen Titans

Teen Titans

Following the events of the Crisis, during which time the Rangers faded from reality, the brave heroes known to the world as Young Justice underwent serious changes. Although the exact events were never made clear, the team that emerged were renamed the Teen Titans.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Urban myth from New York.

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The Old Ones

The Old Ones

Non-sentient survivors of the first universe. Mostly simple organisms found around The One's egg.

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The Master

The Master

Born on the planet Gallifrey, the Master was a member of the race known as Time Lords. He was known by and later abandoned the name Koschei in favour of referring to himself as The Master. While seeking a position of power within the Universe, the Master is only one man and often forced to act behind the scenes or as an ally to a stronger villain.
The Master's race has a natural affinity with time and its manipulation. This coupled with his self-professed genius in both mathematics and science leads him to develop highly convoluted plots. He possesses a photographic memory and acute observation skills. His natural telepathy allows him to exert his will on those with weaker minds.
The Master exhibits the same physical advantages as other members of his race. He is stronger than his appearance would lead others to believe and well trained in the fighting arts. He possesses two hearts and a respiratory bypass system that enables him to survive in environments with very thin atmospheres.
Perhaps the reason for the Master's prolonged survival though has been his ability to adapt. As a Time Lord his body was capable of regenerating itself twelve times before death occurred. As Koschei, the Master exhausted those chances, leaving him practically mortal. He emerged as the Master and that time when faced with death, has been forced to find alternative means to restore himself, sometimes clinging to life as a rotting corpse sustained only through willpower.
Currently the Master is beneath the notice of the Time Lords, although he has drawn the attention of the Doctor and as a result is likely to attract the wrath of the others in the near future.

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