The Royal House Of Gadgetry

A part of the Machine Empire.

Royal House of Gadgetry

The most powerful faction within the Machine Empire. The Royal House of Gadgetry speaks for the Machine Empire even if other factions do not agree. Led by King Mondo, the Royal House of Gadgetry has expanded the Machine Empire's dominion across the universe and have plans to expand even further once they have secured the resources they need within the Sol System. It was the decision of the Royal House of Gadgetry that removed the Machine Empire from the Alliance of Evil. However when Dark Specter declared that he would consider any of the factions that agreed to join his reformed UAE, the Royal House of Gadgetry was forced to renew ties in order to preserve their power.

This is not the first time the Machine Empire has tried to conquer the planet Earth. Long ago Mondo himself tried to claim the planet but was driven off. He left the Sword of Damocles on the planet as a promise that one day he would return.

King Mondo

King Mondo is the current leader of the Royal House of Gadgetry and de-facto leader of the Machine Empire a role he stole from his father. When the former king was being repaired, Mondo managed to seize control of the empire. When his father awoke, Mondo was clearly in command and the old king willingly gave way.

Mondo is a powerful warrior having spent centuries as leader of his father's robotic forces. Despite assuming the throne he is still a capable fighter although a technical glitch means that any attempt to use the Sword of Damocles normally leads to his defeat. Sadly such accident also destroy sections of his memory so he never believes that the sword is to blame for his defeat and is doomed to make the same mistake again.

Mondo is a capable tactician and has mounted a campaign that has spread the Machine Empire across a wide area of space. Whenever he has conquered a planet he allows his forces to clean up any resistance while he moves on to the next target. However his rapid expansion was halted by the need to secure a supply point in the Sol System.

Queen Machina

Just as evil and twisted as her husband, Machina is a mechanised snob. Although loathe to throw herself into battle, Machina is extremely capable at fighting, especially when armed with her fan.

Prince Sprocket

Sprocket is the pride and joy of King Mondo and Queen Machina. His programming combines the strengths of both his parents, however he is limited by his parent's desire to raise him. Should Mondo and Machina ever deactivate his childhood protocols, Sprocket shows signs of being just as underhanded and cunning as his parents. Sprocket is the recognised Heir of the Royal House of Gadgetry despite being the younger son.

Prince Gasket

First built son of the Royal House of Gadgetry, Gasket was destined to become leader following his father's deactivation. However when Gasket married Archerina, the daughter of his father's hated rival, Gasket was banished from the royal court and forced to start his own kingdom.

When his father suffered an accident on Earth, Gasket arrived to assume control. Unfortunately due to the actions of his brothers, Gasket was unable to secure his place as King before his father returned.

Princess Archerina


Daughter of the hated Aradon, Archerina is a cunning foe. Her arrows contain a computer virus that emulates human emotions in machines. For the most part she limits her choice of arrow to love or lust, but has been known to use rage to inspire her husband's forces. Hormonal addictives applied to the arrows allow them to work on organic species although the effect is less predictable.

Even without her arrows she is dangerous. Archerina can use her bow as a sword and is programmed in most forms of combat.

Deviot – Royal Chamberlain

Pompous, ambitious and treacherous, Devioy is exactly what Mondo seeks in a royal chamberlain. For Mondo knows that while Deviot may scheme and plot, his ultimate loyalty is to the Royal House of Gadgetry. That Deviot has been programmed to believe that the best thing for the Royal House of Gadgetry is for Mondo to remain as king ensures his loyalty.

Klank and Orbus

Loyal footmen to the throne, Klank and Orbus were once completely separate. However when Mondo attacked the Earth he decided that change was needed. Klank and Orbus modified to work together to make Mondo's monsters grow.

Despite their usefulness, Klank and Orbus are often mistreated by their superiors. However as they are programmed to be loyal they accept their abuse without complaint.

General Venjix

General Tezzla

General Gerrok

General Steelon

General Automon

Professor Cog


Usually found on the Machine Homeworld, Professor Cog is responsible for overseeing some of Mondo's more important but time consuming projects, such as the construction of Mondo's Dreadnaughts and the conversion of the Machine Homeworld into a mobile battle station. Suffice to say there are many doubts about whether he will ever complete some of his assignments.

Professor Cog was briefly summoned to Earth to help track down Grommet when it became clear that Mondo's illegitimate son had gone rogue.


One of Mondo's engineers, responsible for the forging of the bodies that the Royal House of Gadgetry inhabit. Were it not for Morticon it would be impossible for Mondo and his family to return from some of their misadventures.


Loyal robotic grunts of the Royal House of Gadgetry, the Cogs march into battle at their master's command. What they lack in initiative and creative thought, they make up for in shear numbers, near fanatical devotion to their assigned tasks and a few small surprises such as the charged laser prisms hidden beneath their faces.

Gigabyte Troopers

The Gigabyte Troopers were designed by Gasket to act as a loyal army should he seize control of the Royal House of Gadgetry. The return of Mondo before he could secure control forced him to surrender the completed batch to his father. Mondo subsequently assigned them to protecting key installations, after they had been reprogrammed to obey the king and not just Gasket.

There are some among the Royal Court that believe that Gasket designed his Gigabyte Troopers to closely resemble Prince Grommet's original form. It is well known within the corridors of the Machine Palace that as a lowly unofficial production model, Grommet was given the body of a lowly soldier, albeit a body that had been forged by Morticon at Mondo's command.

At some point in the future, the design of the Gigabyte Troopers was used as the prototype for Cyclobots to act as prison guards.


Crown Enforcement Droids

A special rapidly deployed force of soldiers designed to quell rebellion within the Machine Empire. These soldiers deal with subjugated races and challengers to the Royal House of Gadgetry's authority. These force are usually assigned to Deviot, Professor Cog and Morticon and act as security while reporting back to Mondo any suspicious activity.

Grommet briefly considered using this design for his own royal guards.


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Teen Titans

Teen Titans

Following the events of the Crisis, during which time the Rangers faded from reality, the brave heroes known to the world as Young Justice underwent serious changes. Although the exact events were never made clear, the team that emerged were renamed the Teen Titans.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Urban myth from New York.

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The Machine Empire

The Machine Empire

Long ago the Machine Empire was created by an unknown race. The machines promptly rebelled and destroyed their creators. Over time the Machine Empire grew, however in recent times the complex politics have caused several factions to emerge and a power struggle to ensue.

Although originally a member of the Alliance of Evil, the Machine Empire broke away when the ruling Royal House of Gadgetry decided they would be better off on their own. As such the Machine Empire did not adhere to treaties signed by members of the Alliance of Evil and were more than willing to invade the territory of other villains.

When Dark Specter disbanded the Alliance of Evil and formed the United Alliance of Evil, he deceed that the Machine Empire had never been granted permission to leave the old organisation and were retroactively considered signies to the new UAE. After several reminders of the Grand Monarch's power, the Machine Empire joined the UAE with the Royal House of Gadgetry as its spokesman. However given that Dark Specter agreed to consider all factions equal, it is entirely possible that King Mondo might not remain in charge for long.

The Machine Empire is made up ofn the following organsiations:

<a title=”The Royal House of Gadgetry” href=”the-royal-house-of-gadgetry.html?exref=74″>The Royal House of Gadgetry</a>

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Power Rangers

Power Rangers

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Musketeer Taskforce French Five

Musketeer Taskforce French Five

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Punishment Sisters

Punishment Sisters

A magically powered team of female students from Japan.

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Masked Riders

Masked Riders

Masked Rider modes: normal, Black, Super Gold, Super Blue and Super Green

Sector 7G – Dex of Edenoi (relocated to Earth)<p>
Masked Rider Jesse Hawk<p><p> Sector 7G Sol – Jesse Hawk (Partially bionic Masked Rider. Since Earth is constantly under threat Dex appointed a new Masked Rider with responsibility for that planet. Uses a modified Ecto-Accelerator and lacks the advantages of the Masked Rider bloodline.) Missing following Minion Saga

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Vr Troopers

VR Troopers

During Second World War American and German Scientists discovered a way to create Virtual Realities that allowed them to pass vehicles from one location to another. The project failed dismally when the first troops entered. They were lost, feared dead. Servo, the robotic creation of Professor Ross Steele was left inside sealed command post.

Decades later the Virtual Reality had grown and its occupants sought to return to mainstream reality. Led by Grimlord, a Virtual Demon created by the subconscious of the trapped soldiers, the mutants of Virtual Reality prepared to attack.<p>

Tyler Steele, Ross's son entered the control center and reactivated Servo, charging him with the duty of keeping Grimlord from breaching reality. Later Servo was joined by three addition Troopers, whose metal suits derived from his technology allowed them to fight alongside him.

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Justice League

Justice League

The original super-hero team of the planet Earth, the Justice League was founded following an undisclosed alien invasion. The group remained active for many years and at one point played an active role in protecting the planet from further alien attacks although they spent more time policing the increasing number of super powered humans. After some time the Justice League became an umbrella organisation from which other similar groups formed. While these groups work together and are considered members of the Justic League, they have some flexibility in how they operate and the makeup of their membership. Following the defeat of the space witch Rita Repulsa, the Justice League had an encounter with the Power Rangers of Earth, following which the Rangers were offered reserve status membership.

Organisations known to be a part of the Justice League includes: Justice League of America (JLA) – based inside of the United States and limiting their actions to within North America Justice League Europe (JLE) – Concentrates their efforts mainly within the European continent. Justice League Dark – An organisation that specilises in dealing with magic users Young Justice – An organsiation comprising younger heroes.

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