The Rock Of Ages

The Rock Of Ages

Long ago when the being that created the Universe remained a physical being, his feet rested on a large planetoid composed of dark matter. When he lost his physical form, the planet was blasted to pieces as part of the Big Bang. Only the place where his heels touched remained. This became the Rock of Ages, the anchor point that serves as the beginning of history for most races.

The Rock of Ages is unimpressive, barren and uncomfortably cold. However it is a multiversal constant, a point from which travellers may calibrate their navigation equipment. Since this is an essential step for time travellers and those crossing dimensions, it has been visited many times.

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The Pragmia Void

The Pragmia Void

Pragmia was once a star system far from the centre of galactic society, currently noted for the massive debris field that isolates it from the nearest habitable star system. In the early days of the battle between good and evil, the thirteen planets of the Pragmia system became the resting place of major demons, who waited while their underlings fought the war and they could emerge. Unfortunately their forces either betrayed them, forgot about them or were defeated.

Over time lesser demons used the major demons as a source of power, but it was Ma'erok that chose to go beyond that and destroy the resting demons, absorbing their power and knowledge as he did so. It was after he had completed the task that he devised the plan of using the Pragmia System's twin stars as a source of further empowerment.

However by that time Ma'erok's intentions had become known to the universe at large and a combined army of good and evil rose against him. By sabotaging Ma'erok's own ritual, they defeated the Destroyer, but their actions caused the destruction of Pragmia's main star and damaged the second, creating the Pragmia Void.

In the first decades following its creation, the dark energy from the void spread into nearby star systems, corrupting the atoms that made up all matter. Once inside the influence of the void it was impossible to leave again. Over time access to the Pagmia Void was blocked by Lord Zedd's territory and the knowledge of just how far the void's influence had spread was seriously underestimated.

Of the thirteen worlds that had made up the Pragmia System, only one world, renamed Pragmia Major had survived to the modern age. In fact the world had only bee maintained by the power of one of Ma'erok's followers and once that power had been removed, Pragmia Major was also destroyed.

Currently the Pragmia Void is the inescapable prison of some of Ma'erok's followers lead by Xanatox. Now awakened those forces aim to locate their master and then escape the void and assist him to complete his goals.

  • The vortex that caused the destruction of existence in Minion of Darkness may have resembled the Pragmia Void. Given Ma'erok's overwhelming desire to return reality to a state of nothingness they could be linked.
  • The Pragmia Void is growing bigger. It's influence extends far into the debris field that separates it from the rest of the Universe.
  • The physics of the Pragmia Void may not be the same as the rest of the universe. They might allow those inside to survive in space and may distort certain energy fields.

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Watalune Asylum

Watalune Asylum

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