Law enforcement organisation that operates outside of the official police force. Enforcers are well known for stepping over their bounds and so are usually accompanied by a Senturion Unit to keep them in line. Enforcers have awarded themselves the right to arrest criminals and take any action they deem necessary. They are mostly despised by all sides as vigilantes.

Most Enforcers possess a suit of specially made armour and are known by the name of that armour. The Space Sherriff is one of the exceptions to this. The armour worn is very similar to that utilised by the Knights of Junsui, but are not affiliated with that group.

Known members:

Arn the Space Sherriff

Gene owner of the Gavan armour

Ole wearer of the Shaider suit

Anderson controller of the Jiban armour

Bysko known simply as the Metal Hero (despised by his fellow Enforcers as well as the majority of those that meet him).

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Church Of The One Way

Church Of The One Way

The Church of the One Way is one of the many religious groups that have emerged over time. Although it has a small following it is also one of the most active and zealot organisations. It's members follow a strict doctrine and show little tolerance to those that have different views. Violence is not against their rules and killing is justified to further their cause.

To enforce their rules the Chruch uses a selection of Rider Knights; according to the official teaching the use of transformation devices to prevent the perversion of the Power is allowed.

Key beliefs:

The Power cannot be divided. This is a key belief. The Church of the One Way believe that the Power comes from a single source and that attempting to divide it perverts its nature. In their religion there is no Morphin Grid, no divisions regarding good and evil. The Power is pure and is only corrupted when used incorrectly or by the wrong people.

The Power is natural and should not be touched through unnatural means. Power Coins and other transformation tools are an abomination. Those who cannot draw on the Power naturally without harming themselves were not supposed to use it and are the ones responsible for perverting the Power's purity.

Those that use artificial means to tap the power ares thieves and should be prevented from doing so. Removal of morphers by force is justified to prevent further thefts. Repeat offenders should be prevented from using such devices, therefore the taking of a limb is permitted.

Those that abuse the Power should have their link permanently severed. Those that cannot be purged through the use of magic should be sacrificed to return the Power to its correct path.

The leaders of the Church of the One Way are authorised by the gift of the Power to name those who should not be allowed to wield it. Their word is final. Those that speak against the church can be sacrificed.

There can be no alliances with any organsiation that does not follow the doctrine of the Church

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