Power Sources Within The Conquest Of Evil Multiverse

Power Sources Within The Conquest Of Evil Multiverse

Disclaimer: I do not, have never and have no hope to own the Power Rangers. They are owned by Saban (Please don't sue me Mr Saban). I also do not own Doctor Who, which belong to the BBC or any associated characters. Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling and although not used directly in this series is an excellent read and deserves a mention.
I do not own VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, Masked Rider, Galaxy Rangers, Transformers or GI Joe. Some of the concepts and character in this story are based on these shows as do any characters that make an appearance. They are all used without permission of the copyright owners.
I also need to credit Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Blake's Seven and Star Fleet/ X-Bomber for some of the ideas in this book and for general inspiration. References are made later in the series to Sailormoon, Digimon, Pokemon, Robotech, Zoids, Gundam Wing, Captain Planet, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future and Dragonball-Z and any character or idea taken from those series is done without permission. If there is anything I've forgotten such as MASK, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds or Ghostbusters, they're not mine either.
I would like to thank Jeremy Ray Logsdon, Ellen Brand and Randel for writing their respective series. They were an inspiration to me two years ago when I started writing this series and remain so regardless of the numerous rewrites I have produced. The basis of the Morphin Grid in this series is modified from Randel's version of Ellen's definition of the Morphin Grid. Any characters used have been taken with the permission of the author.
The mention of a series, book or television program in this disclaimer in no way guarantees characters, places or situations from those sources will appear in this series. Most are excellent programs that deserve a mention or that have had a positive influence on the direction of this series. No part of this series is used for profit.



Note: This section makes use of several sources among them The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett, A Guide to Shamanism and Ellen Brand's own essay on the Physics of the Morphin Grid. These are but a few of the sources of power.


The Power is a combination of native and foreign energies spread throughout the universal that do not fall under one of the four main energy groupings. While for the most art it is simply a tool to be used, to some it is a sentient living force that guides and protects its avatars. There is some speculation that it is the residual life energy of whatever entity created the universe. That remains unproven. Although composite in nature, the Power can be broken down, separated and isolated on a small scale. The Power can be divided into three main categories: Psychic, Magic and Force.


For the most part, magic behaves like the other Power-derived energies. However, there are some properties unique to it alone. Magical energy can be coloured, or it can give off a white light. Psychic energy never has colour to it. In addition, magic can cause physical systems to change, causing mutations and transmutations, rather than simply dealing with pre-programmed subroutines. Lastly, magical energy is self-sustaining. A spell can be cast and let to run, while psychics must concentrate on a job until the problem has actually been solved.


Magical force is a subset of the Power-derived forces; one that takes many forms among which is the Morphin Grid. The Grid is a metaphysical construct that runs through the entire universe, just below normal space. For this reason, magic is sometimes referred to as Morphin energy or Morphin power, although these terms are not always interchangeable. Also it is sometimes easy to mistake one type of magic for another or to use the term Morphin energy to include all magic regardless of its type.
From the Grid, magic wells up into all sentient beings whose physiologies are not completely iron-based. (Hence, the Machine Empire is completely cut off from the Grid, being constructed solely of ferrous materials.) A race does not have to be organic to draw from the Grid, simply non-iron in composition. An illustration of this can be found in the silicon-based residents of the planet Kouseki. As long as a race is not completely iron-based, magic will affect them at least in part.
As most Rangers and galactic inhabitants know, the Morphin Grid is divided into shades, levels, and colour lines. The shades are the broadest categories, composed of Dark, Shadow, and Light. The Dark Side of the Grid powers those practitioners who have turned to evil and hatred. Shadow is the level for those who walk the line between, loyal only to their own hearts and whatever code may be therein. The Light Side powers those who strive to uphold the principles of love, justice, and friendship. Each shade of the Grid is then further stratified, in a manner that gives the construct its name. A “grid” is formed by the four levels, Body, Mind and Spirit, which cross with the nine colours.
The nine colours of the Grid represent the nine personality types in Morphin philosophy. Reds are warriors and commanders, while Blues are intelligent and creative and Yellows are healers of mind and body. Blacks are artists and bards, Pinks are the nurturers, and Greens are the noble heroes. Whites are spiritual and often psychic, while Purples are unorthodox and adhere to their own code of honour. Browns stand-alone in so far as they display the characteristics of three or more of the other colours. The levels of the Grid, on the other hand, determine the aspects of the personality that are ascendant. Body level, also known as Dino, is the level of the straightforward. What these types lack in finesse, they make up for in endurance and power. With a Dino type, what you see is usually what you get- but not always. Thunder, meanwhile, is the level of the Mind. Intelligent and active, Mind level people are always changing tacks. This gives them an excellent view of the situation, but they don't always have the patience to see a course through. Last of all is the Spirit level, the level of Ninja. Spirit types have great patience, but sometimes lack the drive or confidence to see a plan to its end. These three types balance each other, which is one of the reasons that Rangers work in teams.
It has been acknowledged that a person could tap a fourth aspect of the Power. This aspect has no name but is thought to exist only where body, mind and spirit are in complete harmony and balance. Few have ever tried to obtain this level and once obtained it is easily lost.


When a being is chosen to be a Ranger, he or she is presented with a Morpher, a tool that focuses an incredible amount of Morphin energy into his or her body. The most famous type of these devices is the Power Coin, but there are many other varieties as well. The Ranger's body then becomes a sort of capacitor, storing and directing the energy of the Grid into any and all pieces of equipment needed, from pulse cannons to Power Weapons, and even to Zords. Ranger morphing devices allow them to draw upon an incredible amount of power, an amount that would normally overwhelm and consume a wielder. The Morpher keeps this surplus in check, and much of it is directed into forming the costume. The UMF (Unstable Molecular Fabric) or Plastoid armour of a Ranger suit is bolstered by an aura of energy, absorbing the impact of blows that would normally be fatal.


It is possible to morph without the use of a Power Coin. However, without something to focus the vast amount of energy and control it, the Ranger would be consumed by the powers he wields. For that reason those who attempt to morph without a Power Coin can only attain half their normal powers; Instead of Power Rangers they become Morphin Warriors. A Morphin Warrior is an individual and as such his uniform is unique. The aura of energy surrounding the Warrior also disguises his or her features from all except those who see them transform or know them and recognise them.
A Morphin Warrior is weaker than a Power Ranger is. They lack the ability to call on Zords although they have the reflexes necessary to pilot one. The connection to the Grid is also a factor and in some cases there may not be enough energy to even attempt the transformation.


A Grid Warrior is another step down from a Morphin Warrior. A Grid Warrior has only a minute link to the Morphin Grid and might benefit from an increase in strength, endurance, speed or stamina. The Power does not supply weapons, armour or disguise although the link does allow them to operate Zords.
A Grid Warrior connection can remain undetected by the warrior since there are no external signs of such power. Normally a connection to the Grid must first be created using the legendary Grid Crystals, but since those were sadly lost it is believed that there are no Grid Warriors left.


Morphin energy has strange effects on beings that channel it for a long time. It often sharpens the senses, increases strength and agility, and turbo-charges the healing factors. Even if the Ranger connection is later lost, enough residual energy remains to allow the body to perform such duties, running mainly on “background radiation.” If the power is strong enough, and has been held for a long enough time, the residual energy may actually reach out and form a connection to the particular Grid section the ex-Ranger identifies with. This may be a level that he or she has never actually drawn from. However, only a few Rangers have ever held powers that are outside their personal colour line. Such displacement can cause grave mental conditions if the personality markers are not at least close.
As all Rangers and many civilians know, each level of the Morphin Grid is under the protection of a Grid Spirit. This spirit symbolises the characteristics unique to that particular level and colour, and is often used as a form of identification. Grid Spirits are manifestations of the Power, and it is unknown whether they possess sentience in and of themselves.


Ninjetti is a magical power named after the extinct Ninjetti tribe of the planet Phaedos. While the powers are magical in nature, like those of the Morphin Grid, they manifest through the natural channels of the user, just like the Force. Unlike most magical sources, the Ninjetti powers are Light-sided and can only be taught to those who are not evil. Although it should be pointed out that once learnt it is possible for a Ninjetti to turn evil. To be Ninjetti is to understand all aspects of the power as it relates to them. This is achieved through an instinctive knowledge of their powers and training to develop those powers.
As with the Morphin Grid, the Ninjetti powers are divided into animal totems. Unlike the Morphin Grid, there are no divisions of Body, Mind and Spirit, and any difference in colour is determined by personal choice and rank. Because of this there are an unlimited number of possible totem animals.
The Ninjetti powers are internalised and do not require the use of an external focus such as a power coin. However in some cases Ninjetti Warriors have been known to carry devices similar to morphers, which are used to direct their powers and aid transformation.
Ninjetti is an individualistic and personal power. As such, sets of powers have never been defined and teams are very difficult to find. This means that the form of the Ninjetti warrior is also a personal choice leading to a wide variety of uniforms. On the rare occasion that a group of potential practitioners have managed to use their powers together, the results have been mixed, some adopting a group template similar to those of Power Rangers, while other groups have remained individuals. With the use of a morpher-like device, it is possible for a Ninjetti to have two transformations.


The Great Power is a source of raw Morphin Energy confined within a temple on the planet Phaedos. Since the temple is invulnerable to external harm, the only way to obtain the Great Power is to be proven worthy of using it, feat made easer by the successful completion of training to become a Ninjetti warrior. The link between the Great Power and an avatar exists on a spiritual level and due to the application, is immune to the insulation effects of Cold Iron.


Besides pure Grid and Nnjetti energies, magic can also be classified as “peripheral” or “aural energy.” This is power drawn, not from a single pool, but from the general aura surrounding it. This is where most “natural” magic comes from, and also what powers magic-based creatures. By the use of a conductor it is possible to use Aural Magic to create Ranger like warriors. However, due to the background nature of the power source the magic would lack a form and therefore requires the addition use of a controlling mechanism, such as a computer chip to control such features. Furthermore due to the assumption that Power Rangers draw exclusively from the Morphin Grid, those using Aural Magic can only use the name Power Ranger if granted the right by a Morphin Master. Examples of the use of such magic are the Astro Defenders of the Kerovian System and the legendary Magna Defender of Mirinoi. The morphers or the Lightspeed Rescue Ranger also utilises Aural Magic although whether that has been recognised by the creator of those powers is unknown.


It is possible that such links to natural magic result in the ability for an individual to wield such powers using mental techniques or words. Such people are usually restricted to control of a certain element or force and rarely stray from that element. Such powers also allow for the movement of physical matter using telekinesis.


The third subset of Power-derived forces is psychic force. Little is known about this force in galactic circles, because it so rarely appears. Psychic energy and magical energy are quite competitive, and usually magical energy wins out. That means that only where magical energy is low or non-existent can psychic energy manifest. Usually, this is in the presence of large quantities of iron. And to date, the only planet with large enough deposits of iron to evoke psychic energy in measurable quantities is Earth, which is not in the most convenient state to be studied by galactic scientists.
What IS known is that psychic energy tends to behave similarly to magic. However, it cannot cause mutation of tissue, and other than in application of kinetic energy, tends to be largely ineffective on inanimate objects in general. So, telekinesis and healing are doable, but turning someone into a frog is “right out.” Also, it is incapable of sustaining itself. Therefore, unless a psychic maintains his or her focus, his project will more than likely come crashing down. And of course, psychic energy is unaffected by the presence or absence of cold iron.
Also, psychic energy, like its magical counterpart, seems to manifest as a type of animal guide. These are closer to the totem animals of the Ninjetti than the spirit animals of the Morphin Grid.
Psychic talents observed in humans range from telepathy and telekinesis to the projection of “levin bolts,” bioelectric discharges capable of stunning a large man or frying delicate equipment. According to scans run by Zordon of Eltar, psychic energy causes changes in the nervous tissue of humans, altering the impulses therein. Beyond this, little is known about it.
Because of the unusual nature of the planet Earth, it is the one place in the galaxy where psychic and magical forces intertwine. As a result, most of the human population, while being fairly resistant to magical force, are unusual conductors of psychic energy. This is also due in part to the high iron concentration present even in human physiology.


In some cases where psychic energy is turned inward it can cause changes to the physical body of an individual. This can result not only in physical deformation, but also in changes often associated with mutants. It is important to note that while not all psychics are mutants, all mutants are psychic even if they are unaware of the fact.


It is possible to use Psychic energy to transform into a Ranger. However, since the individual is required to maintain constant reinforcement of the transformation, such use psychic energy for that purpose is only a short term solution.



This form of the Power is native to the universe. It is a naturally produced extrasensory energy field capable of bending the laws of physics, chemistry and even biology. It is a power the crosses the various planes and dimensions that are part of the universe, including those realms reserved for higher beings. It can be distilled into three subgroups: Tenchokon, the power of life throughout the cosmos, Chichokon, the localised life-force of the planet, and Jinchokon, the power from within. The energy binds and empowers all things even if they are not aware of it. It is a part of the natural cycle of life and death, and according to the few experts on the subject, grows stronger as the universe expands.
While it can manipulate and guide those it touches, such as influencing the odd movie writer on a distant planet to explore its meaning through a series of films, it can also be manipulated and guided both consciously and instinctively.
To some the use of this energy is heavily linked to religious belief. There are many who believe it possible that since living beings can be divided along moral lines, divided into good and evil. Others disagree with such a belief though.

On Earth there are many who are capable of using this form of the Power, however without the correct teachings such practitioners rarely reach their full potential. Many of those who demonstrate such abilities are martial artists.


The Ashla follow the teaching of an ancient religious group, learning to harness the external life energy of the universe in harmony with their own life energy. In doing so they were capable of impressive physical and mental feats. Perhaps their best known ability was to channel their life force into a sword or other hand-held weapon.


The Fallanassi are a race of humans originally from Lucazec. The Fallanassi eventually became a quasi-religious order made up of various species and followed the path of the White Current, a Force technique that taught only certain non-violent applications of the Inner Force. They have an innate ability to change names, appearances, and habits in order to blend in with their surroundings. This has allowed them to evade pursuit on the various worlds they fled to and for the most part they are employed as thieves and assassins.


The Jensaarai mastered the application of the External Force strictly for combat. They were the inhabitants of Suarbi Seven. The training teaches the use of the external energy flows, but lacks the emphasis on Light and Darkness; Jensaarai warriors fight purely according to the conscience of their leaders using whatever strengths they possess. Like Ashla they could energise hand-held weapons, except they do so by exciting the molecules of the weapon, but their greater weapon was their ability to use the External Force into specially made armour.


Although these three types of Force wielders are known to exist, there has never been conclusive proof. The few people who can touch the Force in the Conquest of Evil universe are untrained and therefore limited when it comes to conscious use of the power. One possible exception is the appearance of the Deshaadra, an unaligned group of mercenaries. The group is organised into smaller groups with a council of elders overseeing each group. Any Deshaadra may take an apprentice once they have been fully trained. Like the Fallanassi they utilise infiltration techniques and they wield Light Swords, which are similar to the Light Saber of the Ashla, but are powered by small energy cells rather than their inner power.


Some people are capable of utilising their own lifeforce as an energy source, without demonstrating any ability to manipulate that energy as previously described. The use of such energy can, however, cause changes in the psycho-nervous system, often leading to enhanced senses or abilities, such as psychic powers, enhanced speed and agility, or unusual strength. The correct focussing of such power allows it to be projected outwards either for flight or energy blasts.
Some beings can use their inner energy to distort the life energy surrounding them, allowing them to manipulate the world around them.



Technology based powers work on a principle where large amounts of energy are transmitted to the Ranger's morpher and transformed into a usable form. Although this allows for the enhancement of reaction times and strength, it does not provide the instinctive knowledge of magic-based powers. comes from manipulation of DNA. So far only the Lightspeed Morphers favoured by Marner Bay's protectors and the Chrono Morphers of the Time Force Rangers are the only known use of pure technology as a morphing tool.


Although magic based powers are highly potent, there are circumstances where they cannot be used. The Machine Empire and some other races are immune to the influence of magic. To offset such a weakness, a method was created to take magic and force it to act in accordance with the laws of science. Using a crystalline substance with an internal energy matrix, it was possible to collect, store and then transmit magical energy to a transformation device. One such use of this method resulted in the creation of the Zeo Crystal, Golden Power Staff and several other artefacts by the Techno-mancers of the M-51 Galaxy. **THIS IS THE END OF THE FILE**

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Zords in Conquest of Evil – The New Dinozords.

At the end of the Minion saga, I introduce the new Dinozords to the series. When I came up with this my intention was as with the redesigned Morphin Rangers to combine facets of the first series with elements of Dino Thunder. To accomplish this and allow the Saber-toothed Tiger, Mastodon and Dragonzord to remain a part of the Zord fleet, I decided to allow all the Zords to change prior to merger. In some ways this is the same as during the summoning of the Thunderzords in season two of the show.

To make it clearer, the Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Pterodactyl (which is re-coloured pink), Stegazord and Dragozord are based on the Zords from Dino Thunder when summoned and during individual fights they usually remain in that form. The logic behind this is simply they seemed more suited for individual combat than the original Zords.

It should be noted that the Zords can fight in either their Dino Thunder forms or their season one forms, I just think the Dino Thunder Zords were more articulate.

As for the remaining Dinozords from season one, they remain almost the same except the Saber-toothed Tiger has more body joints, allowing it to move like a large cat; the same could be said for the Mastodon and the Dragonzord.

When the Rangers wish to combine to form the Megazord, Dragonzord in Battle Mode or Mega Dragonzord, the Zords are transformed by lightning into their season one forms and then combine in the usual way. The Dragozord and Stegazord combine in the same way they merge in Dino Thunder.

I have listed the various combinations here, some of which will be explored later in the series, but some will never be written about and I've recorded them here just for the sake of it.

Dino Megazord:
Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon, Triceratops, Saber-toothed Tiger and Pterodactyl as per season one of the show.

Incomplete Megazord formation:
It is possible to merge the Zords in different ways to act like a Megazord. These formations are not available unless the missing Zords are damaged. There are three variations.
(1): unconverted Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. This mode cannot be called when the Mastodon and Saber-toothed Tiger are active. It is stronger than individual Zords, but vulnerable to the head.
(2): unconverted Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactyl and Triceratops. This mode cannot be called when the Mastodon and Saber-toothed Tiger are active. It is significantly weaker than the full Megazord.
(3): regular Megazord minus Pterodactyl. Almost fully powered, but unable to use any of the Megazord's weapons. This mode is extremely vulnerable to a chest hit.

Winged Megazord:
By adding the Dragozord to the completed Megazord the machine is capable of flight.

Super Dino Megazord:
When the Megazord combines with the Dragozord and the Stegazord, it forms the Super Dinozord. In Super Dinozord mode the Stegazord forms a saw bladed on the right arm used to finish opponents. It should be noted that the Megazord can only combine with the Stegazord after combining with the Dragozord.

Dragon Megazord aka Dragonzord Battle Mode/Battle Dragonzord:
Formed as in season one of the show by Dragonzord, Mastodon, Triceratops and Saber-toothed Tiger.

Winged Dragon Megazord:
By adding the Dragozord to the Battle Dragonzord the Machine is capable of flight. In flight mode it can use Battle Dragonzord's lance as a final attack.

Turtle Battle Dragonzord / Battle Dragon Shuttlezord:
Dragonzord combined with Tor the Shuttle Zord and the Red Battlezord.

Mega Dragonzord:
Dino Megazord combined with Dragonzord.

Super Mega Dragonzord:
Mega Dragonzord, Dragozord and Stegazord. In this mode the Stegazord opens for the Mega Dragonzord to stand upon. The disk spins under the Zord as it moves. This mode uses the Mega Dragonzord's finisher. However if it uses Titanus as a launch platform, the Super Dragonzord uses a sliding attack.

This is another instance where a Zord has two forms. In its basic form Titanus resembles the machine seen in season one of the show. However following an upgrade from Zordon, it resembles a silver version of the Brachiozord in Dino Thunder. It can switch between modes depending upon need.

Dino Ultrazord:
The standard formation of the Mega Dragonzord and Titanus with an artillery barrage as the finish. The attack can be combined with the Dino Stegazord's laser attack.

Super Ultrazord:
This version of the Ultrazord relies on Titanus in its upgraded form. The sides of the Zord open revealing its weapons. The Mega Dragonzord with the Dragozord on its back slides into place. The Stegazord opens and fits in front of the Mega Dragonzord. When the Rangers fire, the disk is fired at the opponent and followed by energy blasts from the Zord's weapons.

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