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Special Alternate Teams – S.P.D.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers, they belong to the respective copyright owners. This is not SPD from the television and these are not the characters portrayed in the show as demonstrated by some of their surnames having changed.

Special / Alternate Teams – S.P.D.

Team name:

SPD - Sirian Planetary Defenders


In a timeline where the villainous Weirdan ruled the Earth in the name of Daizayten.

While the rest of the galaxy was struggling to contain the threat posed by Daizayten, the people of the planet Sirius had been honour bound to aid the planet Earth, which had given them hope as the tales of that world's struggle against Weirdan reached them. Under the leadership of Commander Anubis Cruger, SPD was established on Earth with the goal of ending Weirdan's tyranny and Daizayten's hold on Earth.

A-Squad was the first team to have permanent powers within the SPD army. Created using an old Ranger template, their armour was updated by the addition of solid sections of body armour. Before their selection to be Ranger, A-Squad was a special commando unit responsible for taking down some of Weirdan's watch towers and breaking the drones' coordination system.

Raymond, Red A-Squad Ranger
Raymond was originally from Angel Grove before the arrival of Daizayten. He had been captured during the early days of the invasion, but had been broken free by Justin and Adam during their rampage against the Empire. After finding his way to the Resistance, Raymond worked on sabotaging enemy lines of communication. It was his leadership during the assault on a watch tower that had pinned down SPD forces though that brought him to the attention of SPD leadership.
Raymond is an explosives expert, a gift that makes his useful in demolition operations and in situations where a grenade could save the team hours of fighting.

Taylor, Yellow A-Squad Ranger
Raised on a farm in the Oklahoma, Taylor's family was spared the horror of the first few weeks of warfare. It was after, when Weirdan's forces were securing their hold on the planet, that the farm was destroyed along with its occupants. Taylor had been in the cellar at the time and was still there when a small group of escaping refugees happened across the property. After joining the Resistance, Taylor was placed under Raymond's command. It was her courage under fire that led to her promotion to Power Ranger.
Years on the farm helped give Taylor a great deal of strength. She is a skilled combatant and best utilised when asked to protect another member of the team.

Regis, Green A-Squad Ranger
Regis was not on Earth when Daizayten was first summoned. He arrived later as part of the alien force seeking to aid the Resistance. Initially posted as an advisor he was forced to take a more active role when his predecessor was killed in action. By taking up the mantle of Green Ranger, Regis proved to be the experienced marksman that the team needed.
Normally the first in or the last man out, Regis's role often keeps him from playing the well oiled machine role in his team. His objective is always to ensure that nobody is left behind, even if that requires him to disobey a direct order.

Vicanta, Blue A-Squad Ranger
A genius when it comes to building new machines, this young man is even better at finding ways to destroy them. Born in the Little China area of Angel Grove, Vicanta was injured in the blast that robbed him of his family. The Resistance helped him recover from his injuries, but it was fighting back against the monster that had ended his world, that helped his mental scars. Although his recruitment to the A-Squad was only supposed to last for one mission, his improvisation was so impressive that Raymond asked for him to be permanently assigned to his command.

Mandi, Pink A-Squad Ranger
One of the few successful attempts to reverse the process that turned humans into Daizayten's horde, Mandi was treated with suspicion and hostility when she entered the Resistance. Even her own team objected to her placement on A-Squad, questioning her loyalty even though she saved their lives during her first mission. Only the complete faith of Commander Cruger and his staff have ensured her continued service as a Power Ranger.

While A-Squad served an important role during the early days of SPD's drive to break Daizayten's hold on the planet, breaking down the Empire's infrastructure, B-Squad had the equally important task of protecting civilians mounting raids on Weirdan's resources. The first team to be made using new technology, the B-Squad resemble the Rangers of old.

Fred Kellman, Red B-Squad Ranger
A resident of Angel Grove and friend of the Power Rangers, Fred saw many of his friends die. He joined the Resistance and helped to fight back against Weirdan and his master Daizayten. When the opportunity came he volunteered to be a part of the B-Squad, believing that his duty was to protect those that wanted to fight back but were too weak to do so.

Tasha Young, Yellow B-Squad Ranger
B-Squad's resident hacker in the days before Daizayten came to Earth she was happy to hack into bank computers. When she joined the Resistance she used her skills to forge identity documents. When offered the chance to make a difference as a Ranger, she agreed.

Matt Corbett, Blue B-Squad Ranger
Some say that Matt is a little odd, perhaps outright strange. Those people have no idea that the oddness is just an act to cover the fact that Matt is without a shadow of a doubt insane. In the months between the mysterious Nate Oliver's defeat of Weirdan and the formation of B-Squad, Matt was captured by enemy forces and tortured to the point of madness. Matt survived, killing the guards and destroying his former prison. Seeing that the thought of hurting the enemy gave Matt enough focus to appear lucid, Commander Cruger gave him the position of Blue Ranger.
Despite his mental state Matt is a technical genius, creating devices that rival those of Kat Manx. It is said that the line between genius and madness is very thin. Most of those that know him believe that Matt is constantly crossing that line.

Franklin Park, Green B-Squad Ranger
Brother of the former Green Ranger although he had no idea of that until months after becoming a Ranger himself. Franklin was trained to fight by his father, a tough policeman who loved his kids. He is a keen strategist and helps to curb the more hotheaded members of his team.

Anna Diamond, Pink B-Squad Ranger
Anna is a survivor and has done everything in the name of survival. Even the missions she took for the Resistance were motivated by her desire to stay alive. So when offered a morpher that would protected her where body armour would not, she accepted. Despite her outlook on life and tendency to only show enthusiasm where she stands to gain, there can be no question of her courage or loyalty; she believes Doggie Cruger will keep her alive and is not willing to betray him and risk losing that protection.

C-Squad are the heavy hitters, taking out targets inside the Cult of Amuk. Heavily armed this team has been training for the day when they get to nail the demon lord himself. Due to the large amount of energy needed to sustain their specialised armour, C-Squad is prevented from undertaking day-to-day duties. That C-Squad's members are mostly mutant hybrids born from liaisons between the Ransik's forces and modern day humans, makes them valuable players in the war.

Jack Manners Red C-Squad Ranger
Not everybody left homeless during Weirdan's rule had the opportunity to get to the Resistance. Jack was only a child at the time of the first attacks and was captured after his family were killed. Too young to be of use to Daizayten's minion, but not considered a threat, Jack was kept in a concentration camp where he later met Z. The two children bonded, classing themselves as family and surviving the harsh regime.
When he was thirteen Jack's powers awakened, allowing him to escape along with Z. The two were looking for a place to lay low, but instead stumbled upon an SPD site. Instead of sending them away, Commander Cruger trained them to be a part of his C-Squad, recognising their gifts as an asset.
Jack has the ability to phase through solid matter. However his gift is only usable when he is unmorphed.

Z Manners, Yellow C-Squad Ranger
Not everybody left homeless during Weirdan's rule had the opportunity to get to the Resistance. Jack was only a child at the time of the first attacks and was captured after his family were killed. Too young to be of use to Daizayten's minion, but not considered a threat, Jack was kept in a concentration camp where he later met Z. The two children bonded, classing themselves as family and surviving the harsh regime.
After Jack helped her to escape, the pair were pursued across the country. Outnumbered and desperate, Z's abilities kicked in, allowing the pair to escape. The two were looking for a place to lay low, but instead stumbled upon an SPD site. Instead of sending them away, Commander Cruger trained them to be a part of his C-Squad, recognising their gifts as an asset.
Z has an ability to create multiple copies of herself.

Bridge Russell, Green C-Squad Ranger
Every team needs a hacker and for SPD, Bridge provides that role. Injured during the destruction of Washington, Bridge was thought to be fatally wounded. This was proven wrong when his wounds healed. After his release he joined the newly formed SPD army and was eventually selected to serve as a Ranger.
Bridge has a unique healing factor that will allow him to recover from most wounds. He is not however invulnerable and if dealt an immediately fatal blow, will not survive.

Sky Blake, Blue C-Squad Ranger
Sky's father was one of the first new Rangers recruited by SPD. During a failed attack on a convoy Sky's father stayed to protect those without powers. He was lost when his morpher ran out of energy. His execution still haunts the Blue Ranger.
Angered that his father had been allowed to die, Sky forced his way into SPD Command with the intention of confronting the alien he blamed for the fiasco. Instead he listened as Commander Cruger explained his father's heroic actions and in memory of the man he had lost, he agreed to serve as a Ranger.
Sky possesses the ability to create forcefields, both defensive and offensive.

Sydney Cole, Pink C-Squad Ranger
Rich, powerful, beautiful and influential; Syd had everything a child could want until the day Daizayten arrived. On that day her world of comfort ended and she was forced to live in the sewers, hiding from the invading army. It was while running from a Drone patrol that she discovered her gift. By the time SPD's B-Squad arrived she had already destroyed her attackers. She was taken to SPD Command against her will and offered the role of Pink Ranger.
Were it possible to win the war with a bad attitude alone, Sydney would be the ultimate weapon. Since it's not possible, she is just a thorn in the side of Commander Cruger. However her ability to absorb the properties of a material make her invaluable on missions, providing she's not too busy worrying about her nails.

When he came to Earth Commander Cruger was determined to aid the human fight to regain their planet, but not to fight the battle for them. To this end he created D-Squad, formed from those Rangers he brought with him. They are the spearhead for the fight against Weirdan and through him, Daizayten, but it is the A, B and C Squads that the enemy fears.

Commander Doggie Cruger, Anubis Ranger
When the Galactic Council fell, so did it's police force. Commander Cruger returned to his home world of Sirius and joined the fight against the occupying army on Earth. When word reached him that Weirdan had been bested, Cruger travelled to Earth to help in the fight to regain the planet. On Earth he was given a morpher and joined the ranks of the Power Rangers as their leader.
Cruger is a skilled combatant even without his powers. With them he has the means to bring down all but the most powerful opponent. Against those he knows the one thing all Rangers need: teammates.

SOPHIE, Nova Ranger
SOPHIE is an artificial human built on a distant world and originally intended to serve as Commander Cruger's body guard. When it was proven that she could use a morpher and that doing so would require less energy than a human wielder, she was made SPD's Nova Ranger.

Lance Hill, Omega Ranger
Lance was a thief who stole his powers from Daizayten himself. Having found the morpher he tried to use it, not understanding the unexpected side effect; the Omega Morpher requires a large amount of energy to function, a problem resolved by absorbing the near nuclear explosion of transforming the wielder from matter to energy. As a result Lance is trapped as a ball of light when unmorphed. Lance joined SPD's cause on the grounds that once Daizayten was defeated they would find a way to reverse the process. Of course that means that first he must help defeat Weirdan.
Lance's powers combined with his physical state allow him greater control over his Ranger form than the other Rangers. He can not only channel more energy, but can determine where that power is directed, be it to physical strength or speed and agility. His existence as a ball of energy makes him an ideal scout.

Boom, Gold Ranger
An assistant to Kat Manx, Boom saved the lives of his Resistance Cell in the days following Weirdan's defeat. After exhibiting the technical skills needed to assure victory he was deemed too valuable not to be given the means to defend himself.
Boom uses a standard one way morpher that he has modified to express his independence. This has made him both the most versatile and most unreliable Ranger in D-Squad.

Kat Manx, Cat Ranger
Kat Manx was on Earth before Weirdan suffered defeat, serving as a scientific adviser for the Resistance. Before that she had witnessed the evil of Weirdan's master first hand when Daizayten attacked her world. Unofficially she was also sending updates to Commander Cruger, allowing him to choose the time to lend his assistance to the people of Earth.
Cat Ranger uses a standard one hour morpher developed for the Resistance. She has overtime modified the template inside the morpher so that it works better with her anatomy.**THIS IS THE END OF THE FILE**

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The Conquest Of Evil Reality Index

The Conquest Of Evil Reality Index

Conquest of Evil is set within its own multiverse, a collection of realities, universes, timelines and dimensions bound together since the near beginning of time. While in the past travel between realities was possible, it was the near destruction of all existence by Minion that led to the walls weakening. Since then dimensional travel has become more common place.
The majority of stories take place within the Conquest of Evil Prime Reality. This is the universe that since the beginning has always been there. It is the only reality that would survive in the event of a multiversal collapse. There are many ways to cross the walls that contain the Conquest Of Evil Prime Reality, although of those methods the most reliable is the manipulation of the Speed Force. As characters have moved between realities those realities have been logged for future reference. (Prime Reality, Reality Hub)
Conquest of Evil Minion of Darkness – Tommy dies, no signs of Time Lords, Transformers, Q Collective or Externals.
This reality was created as a result of Minion's actions. When Minion destroyed existence, his soul shattered. Since he could not die while a part of his soul remained alive, new realities were formed for the purpose of seeing Minion take on the Power Rangers in a never ending hidden war. This reality should have met a natural end when the Rangers defeated Minion with the exception of Tommy Oliver whose story may have continued elsewhere. Minion of Darkness, Tommy survives.
This is a reality created as a result of Minion's actions. However here the Rangers won a decisive victory and their reality should have faded as a result. However the appearance of a mystical object of great power allowed the reality to remain, constantly shifting its status due its unstable nature.Currently this reality is maintained by the presence of extra-universal forces such as the Time Lords, who are using it for their own purposes.
Time Lords, Transformers, Q Collective and Externals supposedly exist in this reality, which was a major part of the ID War.

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Power Sources Within The Conquest Of Evil Multiverse

Power Sources Within The Conquest Of Evil Multiverse

Disclaimer: I do not, have never and have no hope to own the Power Rangers. They are owned by Saban (Please don't sue me Mr Saban). I also do not own Doctor Who, which belong to the BBC or any associated characters. Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling and although not used directly in this series is an excellent read and deserves a mention.
I do not own VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, Masked Rider, Galaxy Rangers, Transformers or GI Joe. Some of the concepts and character in this story are based on these shows as do any characters that make an appearance. They are all used without permission of the copyright owners.
I also need to credit Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Blake's Seven and Star Fleet/ X-Bomber for some of the ideas in this book and for general inspiration. References are made later in the series to Sailormoon, Digimon, Pokemon, Robotech, Zoids, Gundam Wing, Captain Planet, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future and Dragonball-Z and any character or idea taken from those series is done without permission. If there is anything I've forgotten such as MASK, Terrahawks, Thunderbirds or Ghostbusters, they're not mine either.
I would like to thank Jeremy Ray Logsdon, Ellen Brand and Randel for writing their respective series. They were an inspiration to me two years ago when I started writing this series and remain so regardless of the numerous rewrites I have produced. The basis of the Morphin Grid in this series is modified from Randel's version of Ellen's definition of the Morphin Grid. Any characters used have been taken with the permission of the author.
The mention of a series, book or television program in this disclaimer in no way guarantees characters, places or situations from those sources will appear in this series. Most are excellent programs that deserve a mention or that have had a positive influence on the direction of this series. No part of this series is used for profit.



Note: This section makes use of several sources among them The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett, A Guide to Shamanism and Ellen Brand's own essay on the Physics of the Morphin Grid. These are but a few of the sources of power.


The Power is a combination of native and foreign energies spread throughout the universal that do not fall under one of the four main energy groupings. While for the most art it is simply a tool to be used, to some it is a sentient living force that guides and protects its avatars. There is some speculation that it is the residual life energy of whatever entity created the universe. That remains unproven. Although composite in nature, the Power can be broken down, separated and isolated on a small scale. The Power can be divided into three main categories: Psychic, Magic and Force.


For the most part, magic behaves like the other Power-derived energies. However, there are some properties unique to it alone. Magical energy can be coloured, or it can give off a white light. Psychic energy never has colour to it. In addition, magic can cause physical systems to change, causing mutations and transmutations, rather than simply dealing with pre-programmed subroutines. Lastly, magical energy is self-sustaining. A spell can be cast and let to run, while psychics must concentrate on a job until the problem has actually been solved.


Magical force is a subset of the Power-derived forces; one that takes many forms among which is the Morphin Grid. The Grid is a metaphysical construct that runs through the entire universe, just below normal space. For this reason, magic is sometimes referred to as Morphin energy or Morphin power, although these terms are not always interchangeable. Also it is sometimes easy to mistake one type of magic for another or to use the term Morphin energy to include all magic regardless of its type.
From the Grid, magic wells up into all sentient beings whose physiologies are not completely iron-based. (Hence, the Machine Empire is completely cut off from the Grid, being constructed solely of ferrous materials.) A race does not have to be organic to draw from the Grid, simply non-iron in composition. An illustration of this can be found in the silicon-based residents of the planet Kouseki. As long as a race is not completely iron-based, magic will affect them at least in part.
As most Rangers and galactic inhabitants know, the Morphin Grid is divided into shades, levels, and colour lines. The shades are the broadest categories, composed of Dark, Shadow, and Light. The Dark Side of the Grid powers those practitioners who have turned to evil and hatred. Shadow is the level for those who walk the line between, loyal only to their own hearts and whatever code may be therein. The Light Side powers those who strive to uphold the principles of love, justice, and friendship. Each shade of the Grid is then further stratified, in a manner that gives the construct its name. A “grid” is formed by the four levels, Body, Mind and Spirit, which cross with the nine colours.
The nine colours of the Grid represent the nine personality types in Morphin philosophy. Reds are warriors and commanders, while Blues are intelligent and creative and Yellows are healers of mind and body. Blacks are artists and bards, Pinks are the nurturers, and Greens are the noble heroes. Whites are spiritual and often psychic, while Purples are unorthodox and adhere to their own code of honour. Browns stand-alone in so far as they display the characteristics of three or more of the other colours. The levels of the Grid, on the other hand, determine the aspects of the personality that are ascendant. Body level, also known as Dino, is the level of the straightforward. What these types lack in finesse, they make up for in endurance and power. With a Dino type, what you see is usually what you get- but not always. Thunder, meanwhile, is the level of the Mind. Intelligent and active, Mind level people are always changing tacks. This gives them an excellent view of the situation, but they don't always have the patience to see a course through. Last of all is the Spirit level, the level of Ninja. Spirit types have great patience, but sometimes lack the drive or confidence to see a plan to its end. These three types balance each other, which is one of the reasons that Rangers work in teams.
It has been acknowledged that a person could tap a fourth aspect of the Power. This aspect has no name but is thought to exist only where body, mind and spirit are in complete harmony and balance. Few have ever tried to obtain this level and once obtained it is easily lost.


When a being is chosen to be a Ranger, he or she is presented with a Morpher, a tool that focuses an incredible amount of Morphin energy into his or her body. The most famous type of these devices is the Power Coin, but there are many other varieties as well. The Ranger's body then becomes a sort of capacitor, storing and directing the energy of the Grid into any and all pieces of equipment needed, from pulse cannons to Power Weapons, and even to Zords. Ranger morphing devices allow them to draw upon an incredible amount of power, an amount that would normally overwhelm and consume a wielder. The Morpher keeps this surplus in check, and much of it is directed into forming the costume. The UMF (Unstable Molecular Fabric) or Plastoid armour of a Ranger suit is bolstered by an aura of energy, absorbing the impact of blows that would normally be fatal.


It is possible to morph without the use of a Power Coin. However, without something to focus the vast amount of energy and control it, the Ranger would be consumed by the powers he wields. For that reason those who attempt to morph without a Power Coin can only attain half their normal powers; Instead of Power Rangers they become Morphin Warriors. A Morphin Warrior is an individual and as such his uniform is unique. The aura of energy surrounding the Warrior also disguises his or her features from all except those who see them transform or know them and recognise them.
A Morphin Warrior is weaker than a Power Ranger is. They lack the ability to call on Zords although they have the reflexes necessary to pilot one. The connection to the Grid is also a factor and in some cases there may not be enough energy to even attempt the transformation.


A Grid Warrior is another step down from a Morphin Warrior. A Grid Warrior has only a minute link to the Morphin Grid and might benefit from an increase in strength, endurance, speed or stamina. The Power does not supply weapons, armour or disguise although the link does allow them to operate Zords.
A Grid Warrior connection can remain undetected by the warrior since there are no external signs of such power. Normally a connection to the Grid must first be created using the legendary Grid Crystals, but since those were sadly lost it is believed that there are no Grid Warriors left.


Morphin energy has strange effects on beings that channel it for a long time. It often sharpens the senses, increases strength and agility, and turbo-charges the healing factors. Even if the Ranger connection is later lost, enough residual energy remains to allow the body to perform such duties, running mainly on “background radiation.” If the power is strong enough, and has been held for a long enough time, the residual energy may actually reach out and form a connection to the particular Grid section the ex-Ranger identifies with. This may be a level that he or she has never actually drawn from. However, only a few Rangers have ever held powers that are outside their personal colour line. Such displacement can cause grave mental conditions if the personality markers are not at least close.
As all Rangers and many civilians know, each level of the Morphin Grid is under the protection of a Grid Spirit. This spirit symbolises the characteristics unique to that particular level and colour, and is often used as a form of identification. Grid Spirits are manifestations of the Power, and it is unknown whether they possess sentience in and of themselves.


Ninjetti is a magical power named after the extinct Ninjetti tribe of the planet Phaedos. While the powers are magical in nature, like those of the Morphin Grid, they manifest through the natural channels of the user, just like the Force. Unlike most magical sources, the Ninjetti powers are Light-sided and can only be taught to those who are not evil. Although it should be pointed out that once learnt it is possible for a Ninjetti to turn evil. To be Ninjetti is to understand all aspects of the power as it relates to them. This is achieved through an instinctive knowledge of their powers and training to develop those powers.
As with the Morphin Grid, the Ninjetti powers are divided into animal totems. Unlike the Morphin Grid, there are no divisions of Body, Mind and Spirit, and any difference in colour is determined by personal choice and rank. Because of this there are an unlimited number of possible totem animals.
The Ninjetti powers are internalised and do not require the use of an external focus such as a power coin. However in some cases Ninjetti Warriors have been known to carry devices similar to morphers, which are used to direct their powers and aid transformation.
Ninjetti is an individualistic and personal power. As such, sets of powers have never been defined and teams are very difficult to find. This means that the form of the Ninjetti warrior is also a personal choice leading to a wide variety of uniforms. On the rare occasion that a group of potential practitioners have managed to use their powers together, the results have been mixed, some adopting a group template similar to those of Power Rangers, while other groups have remained individuals. With the use of a morpher-like device, it is possible for a Ninjetti to have two transformations.


The Great Power is a source of raw Morphin Energy confined within a temple on the planet Phaedos. Since the temple is invulnerable to external harm, the only way to obtain the Great Power is to be proven worthy of using it, feat made easer by the successful completion of training to become a Ninjetti warrior. The link between the Great Power and an avatar exists on a spiritual level and due to the application, is immune to the insulation effects of Cold Iron.


Besides pure Grid and Nnjetti energies, magic can also be classified as “peripheral” or “aural energy.” This is power drawn, not from a single pool, but from the general aura surrounding it. This is where most “natural” magic comes from, and also what powers magic-based creatures. By the use of a conductor it is possible to use Aural Magic to create Ranger like warriors. However, due to the background nature of the power source the magic would lack a form and therefore requires the addition use of a controlling mechanism, such as a computer chip to control such features. Furthermore due to the assumption that Power Rangers draw exclusively from the Morphin Grid, those using Aural Magic can only use the name Power Ranger if granted the right by a Morphin Master. Examples of the use of such magic are the Astro Defenders of the Kerovian System and the legendary Magna Defender of Mirinoi. The morphers or the Lightspeed Rescue Ranger also utilises Aural Magic although whether that has been recognised by the creator of those powers is unknown.


It is possible that such links to natural magic result in the ability for an individual to wield such powers using mental techniques or words. Such people are usually restricted to control of a certain element or force and rarely stray from that element. Such powers also allow for the movement of physical matter using telekinesis.


The third subset of Power-derived forces is psychic force. Little is known about this force in galactic circles, because it so rarely appears. Psychic energy and magical energy are quite competitive, and usually magical energy wins out. That means that only where magical energy is low or non-existent can psychic energy manifest. Usually, this is in the presence of large quantities of iron. And to date, the only planet with large enough deposits of iron to evoke psychic energy in measurable quantities is Earth, which is not in the most convenient state to be studied by galactic scientists.
What IS known is that psychic energy tends to behave similarly to magic. However, it cannot cause mutation of tissue, and other than in application of kinetic energy, tends to be largely ineffective on inanimate objects in general. So, telekinesis and healing are doable, but turning someone into a frog is “right out.” Also, it is incapable of sustaining itself. Therefore, unless a psychic maintains his or her focus, his project will more than likely come crashing down. And of course, psychic energy is unaffected by the presence or absence of cold iron.
Also, psychic energy, like its magical counterpart, seems to manifest as a type of animal guide. These are closer to the totem animals of the Ninjetti than the spirit animals of the Morphin Grid.
Psychic talents observed in humans range from telepathy and telekinesis to the projection of “levin bolts,” bioelectric discharges capable of stunning a large man or frying delicate equipment. According to scans run by Zordon of Eltar, psychic energy causes changes in the nervous tissue of humans, altering the impulses therein. Beyond this, little is known about it.
Because of the unusual nature of the planet Earth, it is the one place in the galaxy where psychic and magical forces intertwine. As a result, most of the human population, while being fairly resistant to magical force, are unusual conductors of psychic energy. This is also due in part to the high iron concentration present even in human physiology.


In some cases where psychic energy is turned inward it can cause changes to the physical body of an individual. This can result not only in physical deformation, but also in changes often associated with mutants. It is important to note that while not all psychics are mutants, all mutants are psychic even if they are unaware of the fact.


It is possible to use Psychic energy to transform into a Ranger. However, since the individual is required to maintain constant reinforcement of the transformation, such use psychic energy for that purpose is only a short term solution.



This form of the Power is native to the universe. It is a naturally produced extrasensory energy field capable of bending the laws of physics, chemistry and even biology. It is a power the crosses the various planes and dimensions that are part of the universe, including those realms reserved for higher beings. It can be distilled into three subgroups: Tenchokon, the power of life throughout the cosmos, Chichokon, the localised life-force of the planet, and Jinchokon, the power from within. The energy binds and empowers all things even if they are not aware of it. It is a part of the natural cycle of life and death, and according to the few experts on the subject, grows stronger as the universe expands.
While it can manipulate and guide those it touches, such as influencing the odd movie writer on a distant planet to explore its meaning through a series of films, it can also be manipulated and guided both consciously and instinctively.
To some the use of this energy is heavily linked to religious belief. There are many who believe it possible that since living beings can be divided along moral lines, divided into good and evil. Others disagree with such a belief though.

On Earth there are many who are capable of using this form of the Power, however without the correct teachings such practitioners rarely reach their full potential. Many of those who demonstrate such abilities are martial artists.


The Ashla follow the teaching of an ancient religious group, learning to harness the external life energy of the universe in harmony with their own life energy. In doing so they were capable of impressive physical and mental feats. Perhaps their best known ability was to channel their life force into a sword or other hand-held weapon.


The Fallanassi are a race of humans originally from Lucazec. The Fallanassi eventually became a quasi-religious order made up of various species and followed the path of the White Current, a Force technique that taught only certain non-violent applications of the Inner Force. They have an innate ability to change names, appearances, and habits in order to blend in with their surroundings. This has allowed them to evade pursuit on the various worlds they fled to and for the most part they are employed as thieves and assassins.


The Jensaarai mastered the application of the External Force strictly for combat. They were the inhabitants of Suarbi Seven. The training teaches the use of the external energy flows, but lacks the emphasis on Light and Darkness; Jensaarai warriors fight purely according to the conscience of their leaders using whatever strengths they possess. Like Ashla they could energise hand-held weapons, except they do so by exciting the molecules of the weapon, but their greater weapon was their ability to use the External Force into specially made armour.


Although these three types of Force wielders are known to exist, there has never been conclusive proof. The few people who can touch the Force in the Conquest of Evil universe are untrained and therefore limited when it comes to conscious use of the power. One possible exception is the appearance of the Deshaadra, an unaligned group of mercenaries. The group is organised into smaller groups with a council of elders overseeing each group. Any Deshaadra may take an apprentice once they have been fully trained. Like the Fallanassi they utilise infiltration techniques and they wield Light Swords, which are similar to the Light Saber of the Ashla, but are powered by small energy cells rather than their inner power.


Some people are capable of utilising their own lifeforce as an energy source, without demonstrating any ability to manipulate that energy as previously described. The use of such energy can, however, cause changes in the psycho-nervous system, often leading to enhanced senses or abilities, such as psychic powers, enhanced speed and agility, or unusual strength. The correct focussing of such power allows it to be projected outwards either for flight or energy blasts.
Some beings can use their inner energy to distort the life energy surrounding them, allowing them to manipulate the world around them.



Technology based powers work on a principle where large amounts of energy are transmitted to the Ranger's morpher and transformed into a usable form. Although this allows for the enhancement of reaction times and strength, it does not provide the instinctive knowledge of magic-based powers. comes from manipulation of DNA. So far only the Lightspeed Morphers favoured by Marner Bay's protectors and the Chrono Morphers of the Time Force Rangers are the only known use of pure technology as a morphing tool.


Although magic based powers are highly potent, there are circumstances where they cannot be used. The Machine Empire and some other races are immune to the influence of magic. To offset such a weakness, a method was created to take magic and force it to act in accordance with the laws of science. Using a crystalline substance with an internal energy matrix, it was possible to collect, store and then transmit magical energy to a transformation device. One such use of this method resulted in the creation of the Zeo Crystal, Golden Power Staff and several other artefacts by the Techno-mancers of the M-51 Galaxy. **THIS IS THE END OF THE FILE**

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Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes

Parallel universe are those where the make of a universe is drastically different. This could be the size and make up of the universe, the existence of different elements, gravity or extremely different emphasis on powers. Reaching a parallel universe is far more difficult than reaching an alternate reality because the are so physically different. While it is possible to find some similarities, the changes in characters encountered in a parallel universe are also likely to be more pronounced than those found in an alternate universe. Parallel Universes can be part of a multiverse or their own multiverse.

Rangerverse – Where every hero is a Ranger of some sort. VR Troopers -> Cyber Rangers, Beetleborgs => Beetle Rangers.

Morphinverse – Where the power of magic and the Morphin Grid are responsible for all powers. Includes 2017 movie Rangers.

Movieverse – Where the Powers never evolved after Power Rangers the Movie. Orignal Power Rangers Movie Ninjetti based teams.

Dragonverse – Where the majority of powers are linked to dragons and some mythical beasts. Home of the Thunder Rangers, Children of the Dragon and other chi based warriors.

Nightverse – Where the darker powers are the greatest powers. Home of the Night Rangers and supernatural warriors. Part of a multiverse that was devastated by the actions of Stygian. Linked to the Qverse..

Ninjettiverse – Where all powers derive from the teachings of the Ninjetti and the use of animal spirits. Walking talking animals are common sights here.

Powerverse – Universe where the many diverse types of power merge to create a new breed of heroes and threats. Home of the gods, angels and all higher beings.

Zeoverse – Where the Morphin Grid and magic does not exist. Only scientifically explained powers are used. Zeo is the primary power source here.

Velociverse – Where heroes are all based on some variant of transport of high speed.

Ninjaverse – All heroes and powers are based around the use of ninja. Home of the Kakuranger.

Mangaverse – Where all the heroes have a Japanese Manga twist.

Xverse – Everything changes. The home of mutants and enetically based powers.

Qverse – Universe where the Q actively interact with the lesser beings. Has links to the Nightverse and other parallel universes.

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Psychos Whos Who

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. When I first wrote COE, I used

the Star Wars method of naming clones, ie. I added an extra vowel that Billy became Biilly. In the rewrite I decided to alter the Nega Rangers' origins.

A Who's Who Guide to Evil Rangers within COE


The Nega Rangers were a creation of Minion, who used so many methods of creating his own team of Rangers that even he was left unsure about their exact composition. Crafted from a special form of magical clay, the Nega Rangers are at some level identical to Putties. However the addition of genetic material taken from Minion and other sources altered the clay at its base level. They became in Minion's estimates as close to living beings as they could get.
To further their potential, Minion infused each Nega Ranger with an amalgamation of the darkness inside of the Ranger each represented. This darkness was sealed into the very essence of their beings, which Minion manipulated further, using his magic to make the Nega Rangers believe that they were the Power Rangers of an alternate timeline where the Rangers turned evil.
Following the destruction of Minion, the Nega Rangers were left to die, lacking their own powers to maintain their bodies once their creator vanished. However a chance encounter with another villain led to the discovery of their own twisted connections to the Morphin Grid. Using that connection and a combination of luck and ingenuity, the Nega Rangers were reborn as the Psycho Rangers.
Due to the psychological adjustment by Minion, the Psycho Rangers are driven by a desire to destroy their good counterparts. This is especially true with some of the former Nega Rangers who seemingly blame everything bad that has ever happened upon their foes. Of course without Minion to support them their survival and individual agendas have become a priority.

Psycho Rangers

Name: Jaason Leo Scott
Alternate Persona of: Jason Lee Scott
Colour: Red
Totem: Twisted Tyrannosaurus
Personality: Overly aggressive thug
Weaknesses/flaws: Jaason is unable to work for any of the other Psycho Rangers. He can only be commanded for long periods by Minion. However as a leader he is only interested in lauding his position over the others.

Name: Zaack Farai Taylor
Alternate Persona of: Zack Taylor
Colour: Black
Totem: Twisted Lion

Name: Kiimberly 'Siren' Hart aka Valerie Le Monde
Alternate Persona of: Kimberly Hart
Colour: Pink
Totem: Twisted Crane

Name: Triini Monica Kwan
Alternate Persona of: Trini Kwan
Colour: Yellow
Totem: Twisted Bear

Name: Biilly Shylock Mitchell
Alternate Persona of: Billy Cranston
Colour: Blue
Totem: Twisted Wolf/Jackal
Weaknesses/flaws: An indecisive perfectionist, Biilly possesses the mind to create brilliant plans and strategies, but is unable to commit to acting on them. This is a flaw that Minion implanted to keep the Psycho Rangers reliant on him.

Name: Tyler Oliver
Alternate Persona of: Tommy Oliver
Colour: Green
Totem: Twisted Dragon
Weaknesses/flaws: Tyler is unable to get along with his twins.

Name: Rocky Mario De Santos
Alternate Persona of: Rocky De Santos
Colour: Navy
Totem: Twisted Ape
Personality: Always fooling around, playful with his opponents before cruelly destroying them.

Name: Adaam Todd Park aka The Toad
Alternate Persona of: Adam Park
Colour: Brown
Totem: Twisted Frog
Personality: A sickening creep

Name: Aiisha Nelida Campbell aka Doc-Torr
Alternate Persona of: Aisha Campbell
Colour: Silver
Totem: Twisted Griffin

Name: Kaatherine (Kaat) Ceelya Hilliard
Alternate Persona of: Katherine Hilliard
Colour: Purple
Totem: Twisted Firebird/Cat
Abilities: Ceelya can turn into a cat at will.

Name: Taanya Jana Sloan
Alternate Persona of: Tanya Sloan
Colour: Orange
Totem: Twisted Lion
Abilities: Jana can read most ancient languages

Name: Tarran
Alternate Persona of: Trey of Triforia
Colour: Gold

Name: Oliver Thomas – The Green Mage
Alternate Persona of: Samoht Revilo
Colour: Grey

Name: Daavid (Seb) Trueheart – The Twin
Alternate Persona of: Thomas Oliver
Colour: Crimson
Totem: Twisted Falcon

Name: Juustin Kevin Stewart – Childe
Alternate Persona of: Justin Stewart
Colour: Grey

Neji Rangers

When Astronema learned about the Nega Rangers, she decided to make her own. Drawing powers directly from Dark Spectre himself, the Neji Rangers lack the difficulties of the Nega Rangers.

Name: Faran
Alternate Persona of: Andros

Name: Roberto
Alternate Persona of: Carlos Vallertes

Name: Jarvis
Alternate Persona of: TJ Johnson

Name: Mara
Alternate Persona of: Cassie Chan

Name: Jade
Alternate Persona of: Ashley Hammond

Name: Curriss
Alternate Persona of: Zhane

Ranger Spawned

The Ranger Spawned are the evil versions that have travelled through time or space instead of being recreated by some other evil.

Name: Xoran
Alternate Persona of: Nathan Oliver
Point of Origin:
Designation: Nemesis Ranger

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Throughout the universe there are many organisations that protect the peace and uphold the laws. The best known organisation is of course the Power Rangers overseen by their Morphin Masters. But while they are the most widely acknowledged, they as not unique. Another group known as Riders emerged after the Morphin Masters had established their organisation. Less regimented and with a questionable chain of command, the Riders are revered by many, feared by their enemies and despised by those that deem them loose cannons.

Unlike the Power Rangers who normally draw their powers from the Morphin Grid (with a few known exceptions), the Riders draw their power from many sources both mystical and technological. Some do not even draw powers from an outside source, using their own abilities instead; some riders possess no powers other than their physical strength and fighting skills.

Unlike Rangers, Riders are not bound to keep certain rules to maintain their powers although they do police themselves. It does mean that the possibility of a willingly evil Rider is much higher than that of a willingly evil Ranger.

Legacy Riders

The original Rider powers were developed on the world of Kamen where the small population was being harassed by a local warlord but the Galactic Council and Morphin Masters refused to get involved. Through the development of Accelerator hardware it was possible for a young warrior to conjure an armour suit and enhance his abilities to defeat the invaders. That technology was then copied and the beginnings of the Rider legacy emerged.

At first the number of Riders available was restricted by the requirements to power their armour. Not only did they require the technologically advance Accelerator to control the transformation, they required a vast source of power to maintain it. Only worlds with a powerful magical heritage such as the Heart of Edenoi were capable of creating their own Riders. Less than five hundred worlds had access to Riders and as the deployment of Ranger teams increased, so many of those planetary Riders disappeared.

Edenoi was one of the few planets to retain a Rider of their own. Called the Masked Rider, the people of Edenoi adapted the Rider powers by allowing each successive Rider to alter the design of their armour according to their needs. To prevent abuse of the powers, they were locked to the bloodline of the royal family. Due to the strange effects of the Heart of Edenoi, the Masked Riders of the past could also be summoned during times of great need.

The Rider Corps

Eventually the limitations of Rangers became evident. There were many situations where only one operative was needed, but Rangers were better suited to work as a team. And since the Rangers had become more an more militaristic in their methods, they were not suited to tackling the small time villains that pestered whole systems. It was then that the idea of using Riders was suggested.

The problem with Riders was their lack of uniformity. There were Riders scattered throughout the universe, but for the most parts their appearances, powers and skills were inconsistent. The Rider Corps was an attempt to recruit and train individuals to act as Riders while maintaining the discipline of the Rangers. New transformation tools were mass produced creating squads of Riders that all looked the same. With formalised training and the emphasis on discipline, ten different squadrons were developed to tackle specialist threats and able to be deployed to wherever they were needed. Faceless, nameless and of equal standing, they were considered by those outside the Rider Corps as little more than Cogs or Putties.

As time past the flaw of using the Rider Troopers as they became known was clear. With each Trooper trained to be an obedient soldier, they lacked the attributes that made the Riders such a desirable force. And with the Corps boasting more Troopers than there were Rangers, something had to be done. At first they tried handing command to Ranger teams, but that undermined the goal of having Troopers serve where Rangers could not.

Instead a new group of Riders were developed and trained. With a greater degree of freedom to act as needed, each was assigned their own territory where they could patrol and call in squads of Corps Troopers as needed. Corps Riders were granted better armour to protect them while operating alone and to distinguish them from the Troopers they commanded. Normally they wore either black or blue armour.

Since each Rider wore a near identical armour, they received similar equipment and training. They were capable of acting alone, in pairs or even as a small unit. Each Rider was assigned an area of space to cover and limited authority to police that area as they saw fit (within the rules of the Rider Corps). Over times their numbers grew, but never to more than six thousand spread over a large area. However with an army of Rider Troopers on standby, they formed an incredible force.

Over time it became clear that even with the relaxed rules applied to Corps Riders, there was still something lacking. In order to fill the gaps in experience and the specialist knowledge needed, Riders operating outside of the Corps were allowed to join. While they were not given the authority to deploy Corps Troopers, they were regarded as some of the Corps' best operatives. Most maintained their traditional roles as protectors of a single world or star system while assisting the Corps when required.

Corps Troopers

Corps Riders

Rider Knights

The Rider Knights or Knight Riders as some refer to them are an ancient order of knight who were granted the secret of creating Riders. Dedicated to the eradication of demonic entities, the Rider Knights rarely involve themselves in planetary affairs. Unlike other groups the Rider Knights are driven by religious beliefs in what they consider a holy war.

Over time some members of the Rider Knights have sided with The Church of the One Way. Those who have done so have become far more fanatical, even turning on their own kind. The Rider Knights consider Night Fighters and by extension Night Rangers an abomination. Those allied with the Church of the One Way might even consider Rangers and unaligned Riders as abominations too.

A Rider Knight

Other Riders

While most Riders belong to either the Rider Corps or a specific planet, there are a few that do not belong in either group. A number of worlds lacking a suitable power source for the Accelerator technology, tried to create their own using extra dimensional energy. For the most part developing such Riders unleashed the threat they ended up fighting.

In addition some groups and individuals claim to be Riders, believing that doing so offers them protection of law enforcement. While few of these 'Riders' are evil, their actions are borderline criminal, often immoral and give Riders in general a bad name. As a result one of the tasks of the Rider Corps is to seek out and assess any that call themselves Riders.

Dark Riders

The potential for Rider to turn evil is much higher than that of Rangers, mostly due to them operating alone and therefore lacking the support to act as a moral compass. Usually those that turn work alone and are eventually hunted down by the Riders Corps where they are stripped of their powers and either punished or given a new position within the Corps. However there have been instances where a group of Dark Riders worked together, forming their own corps. In such cases the rules of the Riders Corps allows for the complete extermination of the Dark Riders.

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Alternate Timelines

Alternate Timelines

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Coe Reckoning Series Notes Character List

COE: Reckoning


Notes – Character List

Path to War Character List Good, Evil and Miscellaneous


Evil clone of the Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. When Minion was destroyed he was holding a link to the Power, which allowed him to survive. Trapped within the Dark Dimension escape seemed impossible until he learnt its secrets. Minion was defeated by Tommy Oliver's Omni Sword.

Aagon, The Dark God

The first evil of the universe, Aagon was reduce to atoms and scattered through the universe. By some means he managed to reform within the cells of Tanya Sloan. He later transferred himself to the womb of Taanya Sloan before releasing himself to tempt Tommy Oliver for the last time. After managing to steal the body of another villain, the Dark God continued as the Rangers enemy for a short time. His influence in the war between good and evil has not yet ended.

The Master

A Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. The Master appeared in the universe and hungered for power, seeking to command the Dark God Aagon, an attempt that cost him his mind and body. Before his demise the Master pondered whether he was real or whether he was the representation of an abortive timeline.

The Doctor

A Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, the Doctor brings with him chaos and death. It's not by choice, the Doctor is not a violent person, however his
presence is often enough to set events in motion. The Doctor is a long time friend, rival and enemy of the Master. The Doctor often finds himself questioning the events around him and why it seems everything has happened before.

Sam Jones

A companion of the Doctor, Sam is perhaps this Doctor's perfect companion, a great cause for concern.

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COE Heroes Who’s Who? – The Minion Saga

COE Heroes Who's Who? – The Minion Saga


The original super hero team of Earth, founded following an undisclosed invasion. The group remained together for many years and after the defeat of Rita Repulsa, even had an affiliation with the Rangers of Earth. Following an unknown series of events, the roster of the JLA was inexplicably changed although neither the team nor anyone who knew them was aware of the changes or why.
Green Lantern – John Stewart: Active

Wonder Woman – Diana Prince: Active
Flash – Wally West
Hawk Girl – (Alien Detective)
Martian Manhunter (Active)
Batman – Bruce Wayne (Unknown)
Superman –

Teen Titans
Following the events of the Crisis, during which time the Rangers faded from reality, the brave heroes known to the world as Young Justice underwent serious changes. Although the exact events were never made clear, the team that emerged were renamed the Teen Titans.
Robin – Tim Drake
Cyborg – Missing post Minion Saga
Raven – Inactive following Minion Saga

Project Avengers was the US Military's attempt during the 1980's to reassure the population against the threats of several extraordinary terrorist groups.
Iron Man – Tony Stark
Hawkeye –
Captain America – Steve Rogers (Project Super Trooper: Beta Stage)
Giant – Henry Pym
Vision – Missing following Minion Saga

Masked Riders
Sector 7G – Dex of Edenoi (relocated to Earth)
Sector 7G Sol – Jesse Hawk (Partially bionic Masked Rider. Since Earth is constantly under threat Dex appointed a new Masked Rider with responsibility for that planet. Uses a modified Ecto-Accelerator and lacks the advantages of the Masked Rider bloodline.) – Missing following Minion Saga

When Art Fortunes of Urbana City got his first job in the comic world he had never dreamt of the success he would find. His comic book: Beetleborgs served to entertain for two decades. Sadly success was fleeting and after years of loyal service his series was cancelled and despite having finished the drawings, many of his books remained unprinted.
Depressed, Art travelled the world and during one such trip, visited a deserted beach where he discovered a strange crystal. Although he did not know it at the time the crystal was of alien origin and somehow when placed in his cupboard along with his comic collection, interpreted the drawings in his comics as schematics for a new army of evil.
Elsewhere in the outlying town of Charterville, three teenage students were exploring a haunted mansion when they uncovered another crystal, releasing Flabber, a morphological being who served as a memory of a race long since departed.
Flabber charged the teens with the task of undoing the damage caused by Art's foolishness, gifted them with super powers and named them Beetleborgs, using the heroes from Art's series as a template.
Green Beetleborg – Roland (Mage Level Adept, uses magic to increase speed.)
Red Beetleborg – Jo (Mage Level Adept, can use magic to temporarily increase her strength)
Blue Beetleborg – Drew (Mage Level Telekinesis, can use magic to enhance the powers of his mind)
White Beetleborg – Josh (Due to the White Beetleborg only existing in a short mini series, Josh's power were equally short lived.)

VR Troopers
During Second World War American and German Scientists discovered a way to create Virtual Realities that allowed them to pass vehicles from one location to another. The project failed dismally when the first troops entered. They were lost, feared dead. Servo, the robotic creation of Professor Ross Steele was left inside sealed command post.
Decades later the Virtual Reality had grown and its occupants sought to return to mainstream reality. Led by Grimlord, a Virtual Demon created by the subconscious of the trapped soldiers, the mutants of Virtual Reality prepared to attack.
Tyler Steele, Ross's son entered the control center and reactivated Servo, charging him with the duty of keeping Grimlord from breaching reality. Later Servo was joined by three addition Troopers, whose metal suits derived from his technology allowed them to fight alongside him.
Servo – (Original android disguised as human from which later powers were derived) – Can disguise himself as 24 year old Devon Long. – Missing following Minion Saga
Blue Trooper – Ryan Steele (Ryan Steele's son, recruited after his father disappeared.)
White Trooper – Kaitlyn Star (Friend of Ryan)
Black Trooper – JB Reese (Friend of Ryan and Kaitlyn)
Jeb (Virtually enabled dog, capable of transforming into armour when needed)

Other Heroes/Heroines
Spider-Man – Friendly superhero with the proportional strength of a spider.
Punishment Sisters – A magically powered team of female students from Japan.
Ghostbusters – New York ghost catching heroes for hire.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Urban myth from New York that came about due to a teenage prank. The five teens involved were later foretold to be part of prophecy regarding the evil Shredder… when he returns.

This is just a short explanation of where some ideas came from, inspiration etc i) I was asked why there were variations to the timeline here, so allow me to explain. The has been a part of COE since early on when I did Call for Help with Carl Turner. The idea has varied since then, but I've tried to ensure that if I wanted to the JLA could fit in somewhere between season one and Zeo in my timeline.

ii) This idea actually emerged from a conversation with Chris Funaro although I haven't involved a spell or Darkseid, I agree with the premise that Teen Titans is a very watered down version of Young Justice.
iii) Just in case anyone is wondering, I base the Avengers in this series on a mixture of Marvel's Ultimates, the Mangaverse and mainstream Marvel, selecting the characteristics I prefer from each source. Therefore don't expect to see Thor in this series since I chose to use a combination of Manga and Ultimates to make him a god posing as a hippy and having no interest in the world.
iv) Masked Rider is based primarily on the MMPR/Masked Rider.
v) There are multiple sources for this series including the TV show. Firstly I enjoyed reading how Ryuranger had treated them in his Ultimate PR series and actually based my idea on a variation of that theme. Second and most importantly I watched an episode of turtles where Donatello meets an artist whose drawings come to life after he found a crystal and an episode of Dino Thunder where the Rangers become trapped in a comic. I decided the comic series should be finished, but never fully released so the teens will never know everything that was about to come their way. The kids being Mage Level Adepts is based on an Essay by Ellen Brand about the nature of Power Derived Forces.
vi) Okay, where to start. Servo's name obviously comes from Super Human Samurai Syber Squad. He was from what I understand supposed to be the pilot for VR Troopers. More to the point I took inspiration from the original Human Torch. VR in this is a manmade reality, not a computerised world. This is something suggested in a Doctor Who book called Autumn Mist although I adapted the idea to apply to VR. I also freely admit that I was inspired by Ryuranger's interpretations although I preferred the concept that they all fought one opponent instead of fighting on multiple fronts. I also saw the VR Troopers as being a mixture of Iron Man and Centurions. The latter is where I got thee idea for Jeb.

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Conquest Of Evil Whos Who

Conquest Of Evil Who's Who

Conquest of Evil Who's Who <p style=”text-align: center; margin: 0 auto;”>

Good, Evil and Miscellaneous

An External. A being of natural chaos without the acknowledgement of good or evil. Like all his race Solomos is omnipotent within the Collective, but only near-omnipotent within the normal universe. Solomos is aware that there is a difference between the two.
Solomos was responsible for correcting the damage caused by Trelayne and his friend Noah.

One of a new breed of External. Trelayne is a being of chaos and while possessing no natural alignment to the concepts of good and evil, is strongly drawn to the ideals of evil. Trelayne created a crisis when he stole the energy needed to recreate the universe following the encounter with the Sword of Raganrok. By Solomos's wording he has been forbidden to play in places beyond his realm except those created for him.
Trelyane sees himself as a military genius and seeks to lead an army on a mission of conquest just to feed his ego.

A young External, a being of chaos strangely drawn to oppose whatever Trelayne's viewpoint might be. Noah possesses a more limited imagination than his fellow Externals.

The Master

Born on the planet Gallifrey, the Master was a member of the race known as Time Lords. He was known by and later abandoned the name Koschei in favour of referring to himself as The Master. While seeking a position of power within the Universe, the Master is only one man and often forced to act behind the scenes or as an ally to a stronger villain.
The Master's race has a natural affinity with time and its manipulation. This coupled with his self-professed genius in both mathematics and science leads him to develop highly convoluted plots. He possesses a photographic memory and acute observation skills. His natural telepathy allows him to exert his will on those with weaker minds.
The Master exhibits the same physical advantages as other members of his race. He is stronger than his appearance would lead others to believe and well trained in the fighting arts. He possesses two hearts and a respiratory bypass system that enables him to survive in environments with very thin atmospheres.
Perhaps the reason for the Master's prolonged survival though has been his ability to adapt. As a Time Lord his body was capable of regenerating itself twelve times before death occurred. As Koschei, the Master exhausted those chances, leaving him practically mortal. He emerged as the Master and that time when faced with death, has been forced to find alternative means to restore himself, sometimes clinging to life as a rotting corpse sustained only through willpower.
Currently the Master is beneath the notice of the Time Lords, although he has drawn the attention of the Doctor and as a result is likely to attract the wrath of the others in the near future.

Villainous servant of an unknown master who revived Minion during the Minion of Darkness saga. He was trapped in a personal dimension and ordered Minion to the means to release him.


After the beginning there were three beings fighting for dominance of the universe: Queen Marriss, Raston the one being worthy of the title the Dark One, and Naarkh. Though Naarkh was eliminated early from the battle between the three villains, he won by default after Marriss was thrown out of the universe and Raston left to gain a greater prize.

Trannis was the descendent of an ancient Power wielding emperor. He was a conqueror and destroyer of worlds. Using his enchanted Sword of Ragnarok, he could disintegrate whole planets and absorb the energy released using his ring. He was responsible for many atrocities upon his arrival in the galaxy. Aside from the destruction of Devadec and Frostfall, he destroyed most of the planets in the system of Chu'deygel, leaving only the central planet in his wake. He was also responsible for the destruction of the Guardians.
Exactly how Trannis was dealt with following his eventual defeat was a mystery for millions of years. His body was initially placed in a stasis capsule and planted on the dying world of Chu'deygel. When his loyal servants attempted to break him free from his bondage, the galaxy's native villains joined forces with the fledgling Morphin Masters to seal the solar system using the remains of the planets he had destroyed. The entire system was then shifted through a dimensional fold, becoming a lost galaxy.
Unable to physically escape, Trannis transferred his spirit through the physical walls that held him and possessed a native of the planet Mirinoi, the only gateway point to the Lost Galaxy. Upon his escape the Morphin Masters and villains once again joined together to defeat him, this time trapping his soul in a temple on the planet.
Despite several attempts to escape, Trannis only managed to break free from his prison with the help of an outsider. He was promptly defeated by the Power Rangers of Earth and his soul was dispatched to the Astral Plane where he could do little more than command others to do his bidding for him while he sought either a new body or the means to return to his physical self.

Monastra Repugna
The mother of Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto, the ex-wife of Master Vile and former Queen of the M-51 Galaxy. Mistress Repunga was responsible for the creation of Minion, at which point she revealed to Rita that she had remarried, but did not reveal who she had married.
Repugna is a powerful witch capable of creating monsters from clay without the need of an external machine. Her Putty Patrollers are different to the ones used by Rita probably due to their home grown origin. In addition Repugna can loose energy bolts from her fingers and breathe fire – a trait Rita has inherited but rarely exhibits.

Prince Grommet
The result of King Mondo's fling with a cheap construction droid. Grommet was an administrator in his father's domain who arrived on Earth to investigate the loss of Queen Machina and Prince Sprocket. When he attempted to further his father's plans he was buried under a field of ice. He was recovered months later and restored to minimal functionality by Mondo, but was deemed lost when the Rangers destroyed the Sky Base. After the defeat of Minion, Grommet resurfaced in a factory complex built by Gasket. There he tried to replace Rocky with a machine Infiltration Unit. His plan failed and he currently awaits his father's wrath.

Mardia was the daughter of Mistress Repugna and the result of a brief fling following her divorce from Master Vile. While her half-sister, Rita, was imprisoned, she was acting on her mother's instructions, infiltrating the planet Pri'Athernia and gaining the trust of its leaders. As yet her mission has not ended.

The greatest tragedy in the war between good and evil occurs when the darkness believes it is fighting for the light. Drac'cuul is a misguided soul, believing that the established forces of good and evil are all a part of the underlying problem. Drac'cuul escaped custody and called on the Children of the Dragon to serve him. He was defeated by Tommy Oliver, Rocky DeSantos, Jason Lee-Scott, David Trueheart, Samoht Revilo and Nathan Oliver.

Professor Warp
A strange little man with a keen interest in reinventing the living body.



<b>The Destroyer

</b> Servant of The Destroyer. A powerful warlord who dominated the Earth.

Hell on Earth or any other world for that matter is a good way to describe Daizayten's vision. He is a pure demon who enjoys the pain and suffering he inflicts as he dominates and eventually destroys a universe. Over time the whole process has become a game for this wicked creature, causing him to go so far as to allow survivors to believe there is a chance of defeating him. In all cases the outcome is usually the destruction of the universe and Daizayten becoming even more powerful.
As a multiversal demon, Daizayten is capable of passing between realities, although to do so he requires either a magical or physical break in the walls between worlds. Not surprisingly Earth is usually the place where he first appears due to the planet's unique properties.

In one reality Daizayten's games backfired and he was stripped of his physical form. However instead of leading to his defeat, the change in his nature allowed Daizayten to acquire host bodies that he could use to carry out his fiendish plots. However, the loss meant that when entering other realities he was first forced to locate a suitable host.
More recently Daizayten emerged in a universe where Zordon or Eltar had slain Rita Repulsa, and the forces of darkness had been almost wiped out. Lacking a suitable villain to possess, he chose to use others to fight for him, creating Weirdan as the leader of his army. It was in this universe that Nate Oliver managed to defeat Weirdan and inspired a rebellion against Daizayten's power. However since those fighting him did not understand the nature of their enemy, the outcome of the final battle was unknown.
At some point between the defeat of Weirdan and the final confrontation, Daizayten was summoned to an alternative timeline where he defeated Zordon before Rita Repulsa escaped and started on his plan to destroy the universe. Only the timely intervention of the Doctor and a group of displaced Power Rangers prevented him from doing so. Whether Daizayten eventually triumphed or whether he was returned to his previous reality following his defeat is also unclear.
Most recently Daizayten has continued to use underlings to carry out his plans, choosing the survivors of the universe he conquers as soldiers for future campaigns.


One of Daizayten's chosen underlings, Weirdan was charged with the task of breaking all resistance on Earth, preparing them for a magnificent sacrifice to Armageddon. He was later defeated by Nathan Oliver, but not destroyed.

Hytherion, Alex Drake
When Time Force Officer Alex Drake was killed in the line of duty, he was expected to rest in piece. Unfortunately a change in history caused by Ransik meant that his fatal wounds were only near fatal. Alex survived, but retained a memory of the hell that waited for him beyond the grave. Deciding that he would never return, Alex dedicated himself to controlling the past and future for the betterment of those around him.

A native of the planet Gallifrey, part of the race known as the Time Lords. The Doctor attended the academy with the Master and several others. As with his fellow students, the Doctor shunned the accepted teachings of his race, preferring to become a lone traveller.
The Doctor shares many of the physical traits that the Master has displayed although he is more restrained in using some of those more questionable abilities.
The Doctor's appearance on Earth was purely accidental, despite being aware of Zordon and the Power Rangers of other planets. The Doctor's primary aim is the repair of his TARDIS.

Sentinel Knight, The Guardian of Imphos

On the strange planet Imphos, within the Halls of Antiquities, lies the power to make gods kneel, mountains crumble and stars to turn to frozen rock. Long ago it was decided that there were artefacts too powerful to be held, weapons too devastating to be wielded and knowledge to dangerous to be passed on. The vaults within the Hall of Antiquities hold those items and man more, protected by the Sentinel Knight, an immortal being charged with the task of protecting everything within the Vaults of Imphos, but never to use the treasures himself.**THIS IS THE END OF THE FILE**

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