King Mondo

King Mondo

King Mondo is the current leader of the Royal House of Gadgetry and one of two claimants to the role of Machine King of the Machine Empire. When King Wingnut was forced to shutdown due to an accident, Mondo seized the opportunity to take over the Royal House of Gadgetry. By the time his father returned, Mondo had reprogrammed the majority of the Royal Court to support him. Wingnut had seen the logic of their situation and had stepped down.

However, Mondo was the younger son of Wingnut and not the heir to the throne. The role of Machine King should have passed to King Aradon, but Mondo's new role gave him a strong claim. Unable to agree, Mondo and Aradon became bitter enemies.

Mondo is a powerful warrior having spent centuries as a leader of his father's robotic forces. Despite assuming the throne he is still a capable fighter although a technical glitch means that any attempt to use the Sword of Damocles normally leads to his defeat. Sadly such accidents also destroy sections of his memory so he never believes that the sword is to blame for his defeat and is doomed to make the same mistake again.

Mondo is a capable tactician and has mounted a campaign that has spread the Machine Empire across a wide area of space. Whenever he has conquered a planet he allows his forces to clean up any resistance while he moves on to the next target. However his rapid expansion was halted by the need to secure a supply point in the Sol System.

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